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National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As the repercussions of Carl DeMaio's alleged sexual harassment conduct continues to reverberate, there are more substantive reasons why his campaign is in trouble. But make no mistake about it — DeMaio's campaign is in trouble.

The National Organization for Marriage opposes DeMaio not because he is gay, or because of the allegations concerning his conduct, but because of his positions on the issues.

DeMaio is an advocate for redefining marriage. He cheered when elected officials violated their oath of office and refused to defend the 7 million Californians who enacted Proposition 8 concerning traditional marriage. He celebrated when a San Francisco federal judge — himself engaged in a long term same-sex relationship — overturned Prop 8. And then he was thrilled when the US Supreme Court cowardly rewarded this dereliction of duty, saying that the proponents of Prop 8 could not appeal the ruling overturning Prop 8.

DeMaio also supports abortion, and fails to criticize the abortion industry's extreme agenda of abortion on demand up to the ninth month of pregnancy.

As a member of Congress, Carl DeMaio hopes to press his agenda further — remaking the Republican Party into one advocating for genderless marriage and abortion.

That is not what America needs, or what the Republican Party stands for. That's why we strongly urge you to oppose Carl DeMaio on Tuesday. We can't take a risk of a candidate like DeMaio becoming a role model for young people who will be pressured by today's culture of moral relativism to follow his lead on critical social issues.

Many people agree with us that DeMaio is dead wrong on the social issues, but point out that Scott Peters isn't any better. They talk about DeMaio being a “fiscal conservative” and feel justified in supporting him on that basis.

But that line of thinking was totally upended this week when the US Chamber of Commerce came out and endorsed Scott Peters. They say Peters is the best candidate on fiscal matters. See their new television ad here.

The polls show DeMaio's standing with voters is beginning to slip. Let's do everything in our power to ensure that he is not elected. Please be sure to either skip the Congressional race when you vote, or consider voting for Scott Peters. As a Democrat in a House of Representatives controlled by Republicans, Peters won't be able to impact anything. We can defeat him with a good candidate in two years. But as a Republican in a House controlled by Republicans, Carl DeMaio can do a great deal of damage, and it will be very difficult to defeat him in the future. Go to for more information.

Please, join us in rejecting Carl DeMaio on Tuesday.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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