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Dear Marriage Supporter,

I mentioned in a previous email that NOM is partnering with Family Research Council and many other pro-family and faith-based organizations for a special event this Sunday evening: I Stand Sunday.

The website explains why we're gathering in Houston on Sunday and simulcasting this event around the web:

Speakers from across the nation will gather at Grace Community Church in Houston, Texas to focus on the freedom to live out our faith free of government intrusion or monitoring. We will stand with pastors and churches in Houston, Texas who have been unduly intimidated by the city's Mayor in demanding they hand over private church communication.

This great event is not to be missed, and NOM will be webcasting it live at 7 PM ET on November 2nd. Click here and bookmark the page if you want to tune in:

It is important that we stand up in the face of attacks on religious liberty and basic first amendment freedoms like we saw in Houston.

It's important because it works.

Just the past few days we've seen examples of how it works...

Remember the story about the school district that told teachers to stop using "gendered phrases such as 'boys and girls'... [or] 'ladies and gentleman'" that I wrote about recently? The policy caused outcry and backlash for the school district that I'm sure they didn't expect. And guess what?


Remember the story about the city threatening a married couple of ordained ministers with fines or even jail time if they refused to celebrate same-sex 'marriages'? The Alliance Defending Freedom took up the case, and nationally there was a wave of protest and indignation about this violation of the couple's conscience rights. Well, guess what?


And on Sunday, when we gather in Houston with Family Research Council and the pastors who were unjustly targeted with intimidation and threats by the Mayor, we won't just be calling attention to the cause of religious liberty and the dangers it faces—we'll also be, in a small way, celebrating. Because, guess what?


Of course we cannot allow such victories as these to lull us into complacency. We must continue to fight for the cause of marriage and for conscience rights and protection of religious liberty.

On the other hand, though, we must also allow these stories to encourage us to keep up that fight.

These shifts show us that we still have the power to make a difference for the better when we stand together and with one voice speak up for the Truth. They show us that we need to continue to stand together, and stand together more closely and more firmly than before.

That why I would ask you today, if you haven't done so already, to please consider giving a generous gift to our matching gift campaign. Stand together today with so many marriage supporters like you that have already given, and with the generous donor that has pledged to match your gift dollar-for-dollar and double its impact.

We know that, united, we can make a difference. Together, we can win victories—not just this November, but on the broader political, legal, and social landscape. Our voice and our values still have power in this great nation, and our Constitution—despite the beating its taken from activist judges and a radically corrupt federal government—still protects the rights we have to stand up and to speak out for marriage as God designed it.

Thank you for standing with us—this Sunday in Houston, on November 4th, and throughout the year!


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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