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Dear Marriage Supporter,

There is less than a week left until the mid-term elections, and the race between Richard Tisei and Seth Moulton in the Massachusetts 6th is a close one, by all accounts a ‘race to watch.' I write today to tell you that it essential that you NOT vote for Republican Richard Tisei, and in fact consider supporting the Democrat, Seth Moulton.

Both Moulton and Tisei are anti-life.

Both are in favor of radically redefining marriage.

One is a Democrat, and one is a Republican.

So why is NOM urging Massachusetts voters to oppose the Republican Tisei and to vote instead for his Democratic opponent? Because the difference matters in ways we cannot count.

Consider one of Tisei's endorsements as a case-in-point: he has gained the support of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. This organization says that it "works to elect LGBT leaders to public office for one simple reason. They change America's politics."

But let's be clear: it is the politics of the Republican Party that the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund wishes to change with Tisei's election—and that's what makes his defeat so critical.

On the organization's blog, they state quite openly what earns Tisei their endorsement:

Tisei has shown that he is willing to stand up for equality within his party's caucus, and if elected to the U.S. Congress, will give the LGBT community a much-needed voice in the GOP.

Those words—"within his party's caucus"—are the critical words. It is within the GOP's own strategy meetings and consultations where Tisei is sought to be a "voice" for the political goals of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.

And what kind of goals would he push? What kind of values will he give voice? Again, consider the track record that the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund highlights for Tisei, and decide for yourself:

He has worked with MassEquality and pro-marriage legislators to help whip votes in support of marriage equality, and co-sponsored a gender identity non-discrimination bill.

This, indeed, would be "to change the face and voice" of the GOP's politics! The Republican party states clearly in its platform that marriage is the union of one man and one woman; Tisei, according to the hopes of his supporters, would work to undermine and change this platform conviction from within the party itself.

On the other hand, Tisei's opponent, Seth Moulton, is no better than Tisei on the issues. But as a Democrat in a House controlled by Republicans, Moulton wouldn't be able to impact anything. Furthermore, we could defeat him in two years. Tisei, however, as a Republican within a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, would be in a position to do great damage to the integrity of the party's platform and the pro-life and pro-family policies for which the party stands!

Please share this information today with everyone you know in Massachusetts and urge them to oppose Tisei's election, even if that means voting for his Democratic challenger.

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A vote for Moulton would have little impact on the critical issues of marriage and life, either for the state of Massachusetts or for the nation. But a vote for Tisei would, in a very real way, "change the face and voice of America's politics"—precisely by silencing our voice, yours and mine, where the message of marriage and life needs most to be heard!


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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