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Dear Marriage Supporter,

For too long, the Republican establishment has given lip service to protecting marriage but has not been willing to lead. A consultant class that has already helped spend billions of dollars on a failing 'economics'-only campaign strategy is trying to foist this same failed strategy on the party yet again.

Will you let them?

NOM is proud today to announce the launch of a new SuperPAC, the NOM Victory Fund, to put real money into winning key Senate races this election cycle.

We know that marriage is a winning issue with voters. And we're willing to do what the establishment won't do: create and distribute hard-hitting ads that take down liberals like North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan for trashing her own voters by supporting judicial tyranny and the redefinition of marriage.

This new ad supporting Thom Tillis is a game changer in this race. We know that North Carolina voters overwhelmingly approve marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Just hours ago, the venerable North Carolina polling group Civitas released results from a survey showing that support for traditional marriage has ACTUALLY INCREASED since 2012 when 62 percent of voters chose to amend the constitution to protect marriage as the union of a man and a woman. North Carolina voters are irate that judges are attempting to impose their redefinition of marriage on the State.

And Thom Tillis is standing strong, fighting with all of his strength to defend the voters—even leading the legislature to intervene to defend North Carolina's laws.

But here's the deal. We're almost the only ones trying to highlight the winning issue of marriage in this race... and we're totally outspent. We have just one week to increase our ad buy and prove the establishment wrong.

Please click here to make a generous contribution to the NOM Victory Fund today and help us make the game-changing play in this race and in other key races around the nation.

With your help, we'll show the Republican establishment—and the nation—that marriage is still an election issue, and that those who support marriage can win elections by doing so!


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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