From the Donkey's Mouth: Tisei's Own Words on GOP and Marriage

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Richard Tisei is no conservative.

As you know, NOM has criticized the GOP for promoting a candidate like Tisei, despite his clear opposition to the values of marriage, family, and life that the Republican party platform so strongly supports.

Of course, leftist elites in the media have tried to confuse the issue by claiming that NOM's criticisms of Tisei are based on his being an openly gay man. But this is a red herring. The real objection to Tisei's candidacy is that the values he stands for are not conservative values: something he openly admits!

Tisei went on record with Mother Jones in an interview at the beginning of this month, and what he had to say is more condemning than anything we could point out about his political positions.

Tisei said of himself and fellow gay 'marriage' supporter Carl DiMaio (who is running as a Republican in California):

I think [we] represent the threat that we're people who will be able to... change the Republican Party.

He went on to say:

I think most [GOP] leaders recognize that... eventually the party needs to move in the right direction [on gay marriage]...

... by which, of course, he means a direction of sanctioning and approving the redefinition of marriage. One might ask Tisei what is the point of having two parties at all, if all he wants to do is steer one in the same direction as the other?

So, what do you call a Republican candidate who thinks the Republican party is "going backwards rather than forwards" and wants to "change" the party and "move" it in the opposite direction from its core platform principles?

Well, we call that candidate Richard Tisei: and we call him a candidate utterly unworthy of any conservative's support or vote!

Richard Tisei is wrong on marriage, just as he is wrong on abortion. The Republican Party was founded in 1854 to fight what the platform called the "twin relics of barbarism" — slavery and polygamy. It was, and is, a party committed to campaigning for moral truths, and the truth of marriage as the faithful union of one man and one woman has been part of our beliefs since the founding of the GOP.

If Tisei is elected, we're going to have someone in Washington with a platform to tear our beliefs to shreds. Nobody in the media is going to care about his position on economic issues, they're going to give him a national platform to campaign against marriage and life. He will be featured on all the national news shows and will be featured by the leftist media as a "new Republican" to be a role model for young people.

We have one chance to stop this, and it's right now. If Tisei wins on November 4th, it will be extremely difficult to remove him once he gets access to all the corporate money and power structures that typically go to incumbents.

The National Organization for Marriage urges you to refuse to vote for Richard Tisei. In fact, we ask you to vote for the Democratic candidate, Seth Moulton, even though Moulton is also wrong on the issues. The reason for this is that Moulton can't do any damage as a Democrat in a House of Representatives controlled by Republicans, and we can work together to elect a true conservative in two years to replace him. But Richard Tisei serving as a supposed Republican in a House controlled by Republicans can do great damage, and could end up holding the seat for decades.

Don't let Richard Tisei sneak a radical agenda into the Republican party. Send the message to him, and to the misguided consultants and politicians who have supported him: marriage is a conservative value, and those that abandon it will NOT receive our vote on November 4th!


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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