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Dear Marriage Supporter,

When any elected person takes office in the state of Kansas, he or she must take an oath, solemnly affirming or swearing to uphold Kansas's Laws and Constitution.

So, what would you think of a candidate running for the highest office in the state—that of Governor—who couldn't say if he would defend the Constitution if elected?

That's exactly what happened in last night's debate in Wichita between Governor Brownback and his challenger, Paul Davis.

When asked about legal challenges to the Constitution of Kansas, which you the voters amended in 2005 to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, a clear difference could be seen between the two candidates' answers.

Davis refused to say whether, as Governor, he would work to defend Kansas's marriage amendment. Then Governor Brownback responded. As POLITICO reported:

Brownback noted that 70 percent of Kansans voted for the amendment.

"There is something that Rep. Davis and I can do on this and that is as governor defend our constitution, and he is not even saying whether he would defend our constitution where our people have voted on this issue," Brownback said.

Marriage Supporter, there in the answer to a single question you see the clear choice that voters will decide just two weeks from today: they will decide between a Governor who will defend the constitution of Kansas, or someone who will allow tyrannical judges to overturn the will of the people without even fighting it out!

"Who Will Defend the Kansas Constitution?"

In state after state across the nation, we've seen judges brazenly ignoring the express will of the citizenry and contemptibly tossing out states' marriage laws. But what's sadder still is that in many of these cases the Governor or Attorney General of the state did not even offer a defense of the constitution in court!

In Kansas, you are blessed to have a leader like Sam Brownback who has consistently pledged to uphold what Kansans have worked to define in their constitution: marriage as God designed it and as history has preserved it, the unique and special bond between husband and wife!

Please join me today in making sure that Kansans know how clear the choice is between Governor Brownback and his opponent concerning this issue. On November 4th, your vote will either be for a man who will defend and uphold the Constitution—as his oath demands—or a man who can't even say in a debate whether he intends to fulfill that oath at all!

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Ask your friends if they are registered to vote... help them get registered if they need to... and make sure they get out on November 4th and cast their vote for marriage, for religious liberty, and for the keeping of oaths and the preservation of the Constitution of Kansas and of the United States of America.

Together, we will ensure Kansas's constitution—and your votes and values—are defended vigorously against the outrageous attacks of tyrannical judges and radical Hollywood-funded activists.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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