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Dear Marriage Supporter,

I need to be brief this week, because I am in Washington, D.C. attending the Values Voter Summit and there's more to do and see here than there are hours in a day!

If you have a chance, you can tune in to watch the livestream of this great event here on our blog:

"Click here to watch live!"

I am thrilled to be at this wonderful event catching up with so many of NOM's friends and partners, like Senator Rick Santorum and Dr. Pat Fagan—and of course the event organizers from Family Research Council.

Before I get back into the action here, though, let me alert you to a few important news items this week:

NOM Announces Campaign to Oppose Pro-SSM GOP Candidates

Yesterday, NOM—along with FRC and CitizenLink—sent a letter to Capitol Hill announcing to the leadership of the Republican Party that our organizations would be actively opposing the campaigns to elect three Republican candidates—two to the House of Representatives and one to the Senate—who break ranks with the Republican platform on the important issues of the sanctity of life and the meaning of marriage.

If you want to learn to learn about this new campaign, please go read our press release from yesterday which is posted here.

New Poll Shows Support for Same-sex Marriage is Flagging

Earlier this week, Pew Research Center released the results of a new poll which — in the words of the Associated Press article about the survey — showed that "support for same-sex marriage could be leveling off."

The data shows that support for redefining marriage has dropped by five points in the past seven months, while opposition has increased by two points. This represents the biggest shift in public opinion on this issue that the Pew Center has found since 2006, and it is only the second time in the past five years that their data has shown support for the traditional marriage position gaining ground.

This shift in opinion corresponds with the rash of federal court decisions we've seen throughout the country overturning states' marriage laws, so it can be hoped that this signals that the American people are finally fed up with having their democratic authority usurped and their will as expressed through voting ignored by activist judges.

NOM Presents Evidence of Collusion in Oregon Marriage Suit

Also this week, NOM has filed an important court document in Oregon. As you know, we've been trying to get the court to grant NOM standing to intervene in the case there on behalf of our members in the state, since otherwise the marriage amendment will not receive the defense it needs and deserves.

With this new filing, NOM has demonstrated that from the very beginning in this case the Attorney General—sworn to uphold and defend the law!—has in fact been colluding with the plaintiffs to invalidate Oregon's marriage amendment. We've known this all along, but the collusion goes much deeper than even we ever could have imagined, and our new filing demonstrates this.

You can read more about this new development here from our Chairman, Professor John Eastman.

San Francisco Catholic Newspaper Sets the Record Straight

Finally, if you're looking for some wonderful reading today, look no further than this masterful piece published this week in Catholic San Francisco. This Special Report exposes the dishonesty and insidious manipulation involved in the use of the term "hate" by HRC and the Southern Poverty Law Center and others to describe pro-marriage individuals and groups.

The article quotes this great and succinct statement from NOM's old friend attorney Charles LiMandri, which could serve as a sort of thesis statement for the report: "Disagreement is the new litmus test to be vilified as a ‘hater.'"

I encourage you to read this special report today in its entirety, and kudos to Catholic San Francisco for a great and hard-hitting exposé.

And don't forget, when you have some free time, to tune in to the Values Voter Summit and follow this wonderful event.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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