The Results Are In

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

The results of the survey are in... and they aren't very pleasant.

I'm talking about University of Texas Professor Mark Regnerus' new study on attitudes about sexual morality.

In it, he analyzes sexual and relational attitudes of Christians and non-Christians who support—or who oppose—same-sex marriage. And what he finds is both incredibly significant and extremely disturbing. I'd encourage you to read the article linked above and review its findings here:

Activists trying to force a redefinition of marriage on America have constantly evaded the question, "what is marriage?" Meanwhile, they have insisted that gays and lesbians simply want access to the same sacred institution of marriage and that they don't intend to change anything about that institution.

But the survey responses from gay men and lesbians themselves don't support these claims.

The institution envisioned by those who want to redefine marriage isn't faithful... it isn't exclusive... it isn't permanent... put bluntly, it isn't marriage.

We must stand up for the truth about marriage—now more than ever—before it is "redefined" out of existence!

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The report documents that gays and lesbians have a very different view of the core values of marriage that we hold, and that have been at the heart of biblical marriage since the beginning. For example, over 80% of non-Christian gays and lesbians believe no strings attached sex is OK. Nearly 80% of them say viewing pornography is OK. Three-quarters say pre-marital cohabitation is a good idea. And an astonishing 37% say that marital infidelity is sometimes a good thing.

Of perhaps greater concern is the increasing acceptance of redefining marriage within Christian churches. This is especially concerning because, while the study doesn't make note of this fact, we know that membership in many mainline churches is already rapidly on the decline.

This study should sound an alarm and serve as a wake-up call to those who want to remain silent in the face of the movement to redefine marriage, because that movement seems to correlate with a push to abandon traditional sexual morality altogether.

Not only is the attitude of going-along-to-get-along deeply out of keeping with the witness of scripture; it is also sacrificing the credibility and vitality of the church in America.

As the study shows, Christians who support redefining marriage are:

  • more than seven times as likely (as Christians who don't support redefining marriage) to think pornography is OK;
  • three times as likely to think cohabiting as a good idea;
  • six times likely to say "no-strings-attached sex" is OK;
  • five times likely to be permissive of adultery;
  • six times as likely to favor abortion rights; and
  • incredibly, thirteen times as likely to have no issue with polyamorous relationships!

In many of these opinions, Christians who support redefining marriage are actually more sexually permissive than the general population! And it is to be greatly feared that this trend will only continue the more mainstreamed acceptance of same-sex marriage becomes.

We have a chance to stop the spread of this terrible social experiment in our churches and our society, but we must stand up and act before it's too late.

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Thank you so much for all you do to defend God's truth about marriage.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

PS: The new research done by Professor Regnerus is a call to action. It's not too late to save our churches and our society from the radical social experiment of redefining marriage. But we have to act now. Won't you please click here to make a generous donation to support the work the National Organization for Marriage is doing throughout the country to defend marriage and the faith communities that sustain it?

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