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Dear Marriage Supporter,

The ousting of Brenden Eich from Mozilla and the attempts by Chase Bank to ID employees based on whether they are "an ally of the LGBT community" were two powerful and extreme examples of efforts to marginalize and punish people who believe in a biblical or traditional view of sexual morality.

NOM is leading the charge to push back against these attempts to target ordinary citizens like you and me for simply holding to the truth about marriage.

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The latest example is found by simply looking at what's happening in the city of Houston.

The City Council (led by the city's lesbian mayor) passed an ordinance giving gays and lesbians special protections against "nondiscrimination." Citizens worried that the ordinance would become a tool to punish anyone who does not affirm the LGBT agenda have collected signatures on a referendum to put the issue on the ballot for voters to consider.

And before a single vote has been cast, the fears of opponents of the ordinance have already been realized.

Backers of the ordinance have put the names of petition signers online so that their harassment can begin immediately. They've launched a campaign called, "" that has publicly identified all the petition signers for the alleged purpose of independently verifying the validity of the petition.

But get this: the organizers of the campaign are refusing to identify themselves, claiming they must remain anonymous to "protect our personal safety."

As has been the case elsewhere, the real reason for identifying citizens who engage in the political process as is their right is to facilitate a campaign of targeting and bullying against those who defend marriage.

Won't you join us in standing up to these extreme bullies who want to marginalize and punish ordinary people of faith by making a donation to support our work today?

Such hypocrisy and ugliness has become routine for the LGBT movement. They began their movement with an appeal to the American people for "tolerance" and "diversity" but have morphed into a movement based on intimidation and bigotry.

The saddest part: they've pursued this course because it has thus far worked.

In 2012, the respected Diversity Officer at Gallaudet University was suspended from her job solely because she signed the Maryland referendum petition to allow voters to consider whether the legislature's redefinition of marriage should be permitted.

After public protests, the university eventually allowed her to return to work, but demoted her. When it comes to LGBT matters, "diversity" and "tolerance" extends only to those who agree with gay activists.

In California, gay activists pioneered the organized harassment campaign through the use of the notorious "" website which allowed people to see online maps showing where donors to Prop 8 lived.

As is the case in the current Houston example, the organizers of the campaign did not identify themselves, nor did they show where donors opposing Prop 8 lived. The resulting harassment of Prop 8 donors was widespread and unrelenting.

Mozilla's Brendan Eich is only the latest person to lose a job over showing support for traditional marriage:

  • The manager of a Mexican restaurant was hounded from her family business in Los Angeles over her $100 contribution in support of Proposition 8.
  • Scott Eckern, the artistic director of the California Musical Theater in Sacramento was forced to resign over his $1,000 contribution;
  • Similarly, Richard Raddon, the director of the Los Angeles Film Festival, was forced to resign after contributing $1,500.

Others faced death threats. Catholic and Mormon Church groups were mailed packages containing white powder, feared to be anthrax.

This cannot continue! Please help us stand up to this undemocratic and unpatriotic assault on our basic civil liberties by making a generous donation today.

There are hundreds of documented cases of harassment by LGBT activists against Christians and other people of faith who support traditional values, and scant evidence of such incidents against lesbians and gays.

Yet cities like Houston pursue special "nondiscrimination" ordinances, Congress is being pressured to pass "nondiscrimination" statutes and President Obama has issued an executive order on the subject.

Meanwhile, it's indisputable that a gay activist walked into the offices of the Family Research Council with a plan to murder dozens of employees there because of their opposition to redefining marriage and the gay and lesbian agenda.

And yet, this incident has spawned no proposed "nondiscrimination" legislation to protect people of faith and religious groups, nor has President Obama issued any executive orders.

NOM opposes harassment and violence of any kind against anyone engaged in the public square. We also oppose ordinances like that passed in Houston and being advanced in Congress. The record shows that if anyone needs special protections from retaliation and punishment based on who they are, it's Christians, people of faith and religious groups, not gay and lesbian activists.

Won't you please make a generous donation today to help us carry out our mission of protecting marriage and the faith communities that sustain it?


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

PS: What's going on in Houston — the systematic identification and targeting of citizens who support marriage as the union of one man and one woman — is reprehensible and must stop! Please help us defend the ordinary citizens who believe — just like you and me — that marriage is worth defending and fighting for. Please consider making a financial contribution right away to help us defend marriage and the rights of citizens who believe in it.

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