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Dear Marriage Supporter,

This week, our good friends at The Heritage Foundation released The 2014 Index of Culture and Opportunity, a research document that "tracks key social and economic indicators to determine whether important indicators of opportunity in America are on the right track [and] ... explores the factors that shape our capacity as a society to enjoy the blessings of liberty today and to pass them on to the next generation."

I recommend that you look this document up and read it at your earliest opportunity; especially the closing essay by David Azerrad and Ryan T. Anderson entitled "The Blessings of Liberty."

In this piece, Azerrad and Anderson identify "four broad pillars that together sustain our republic," which are:

  • A limited constitutional government;
  • A vibrant civil society with free markets;
  • Strong families; and
  • A culture that promotes virtue.

Azerrad and Anderson go on to describe how "[t]he family is the foundation of a strong society," explaining that

[t]o understand the centrality of the family, one need only see the host of problems that so often confront the children raised in homes without fathers, from lower graduation rates to greater incarceration rates. For those who are concerned about the vitality of the American Dream in the 21st century, strengthening the family ought to be an absolute priority. Far from being a tangential social or religious issue, the strength of the family is a crucial concern—both from an economic and political perspective—and deeply intertwined with the health of the country [emphasis added].

The strength of the family within society is so fundamental to the civic order, the authors conclude, that those who try to separate political and fiscal conservatism from so-called "social conservatism" are running a fool's errand:

As the American experience over the past 50 years has shown, limiting the size and scope of government is impossible without stable marriages and strong communities. When the family disintegrates, the government attempts to replace its vital functions, social welfare programs multiply and, as they grow, family and neighborhood bonds erode. A defense of marriage serves the ends of limited government more effectively, less intrusively, and at less cost than picking up the broken pieces of a shattered marriage culture. Fundamentally, then, social and economic conservatism are indivisible [emphasis added].

This is why I'm asking you today to recommit to NOM's mission to preserve and strengthen the value of family in America with a generous donation. Can you spare $50, $150, or even $500 to help us in this most vital work?

As Azerrad and Anderson write, "The stakes could not be higher. The robust ties that bind us together ultimately are the strength of our great nation." An investment in the preservation and promotion of marriage is an investment in the prosperity of our great nation, an investment in the future of America.

We hear so much about the amount of financial debt which we pass on from one generation to the next and how it may impoverish and undermine our children's and grandchildren's hopes to attain the American dream.

But what could be more impoverishing—what could be more damaging—to the next generation than a social order that doesn't recognize the value of marriage? A social order that devalues the unique and indispensable roles moms and dads play in their children's lives?

That is why the cause to protect, preserve, and promote marriage is the most crucial investment we can make for the future welfare of our country, and for future generations' happiness and prosperity. Will you invest generously today in our civilization's greatest asset—the family founded upon the union of husband and wife?

Like any investment, donating to the cause of marriage has its challenges, but it also has its rewards and returns.

It merits the satisfaction of knowing that we can tell our kids and grandkids that when the critical moment was upon us, we didn't stand idly by—rather, we did our part to preserve the ancient truth of marriage when it was most viciously attacked.

It earns us the right to say that we truly were on "the right side"—of history, of truth, of the promoting what is right and good.

It gives us the peace of mind of knowing that we weren't bullied into submission or intimidated into silent acquiescence—that instead we did what the great and noble Americans that came before us have always done: stood up and fought for what was right without counting the cost.

So, I ask you kindly to consider the value purchased by your generous investment in marriage which you can make with a donation to the National Organization for Marriage today. Your gift of $50, $150, or even $500 secures treasures that can't be counted.

Of course, we know also that the final repayment of fighting for a good cause is one which is even more incalculable. But we believe that repayment will be doled out, and in "good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over."

Thank you, as always, for your generous support.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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