Christian Post: "Traditional Marriage Group Calls for Boycott of JP Morgan Chase Over LGBT Survey"


The Christian Post recently reported on NOM's new VoidChase boycott of JP Morgan Chase Bank:

National Organization for Marriage announced its boycott of the financial company earlier this week due to a survey the company did of employees that many believe was meant to punish employees who disagree with pro-LGBT positions.nom_web_2014-07-16_chase_button

Joseph Grabowski, director of communications for NOM, told The Christian Post that the idea for the boycott came when "Chase asked its employees in their annual survey whether they were 'allies' of the LGBT community."

"The employees themselves broke this story to outside media sources because they recognized that this was no only an inappropriate question, but also that it created an unhealthy work environment," said Grabowski.

Imagine if your employer asked you a loaded question about whether you support the "LGBT community."  If you are someone who believes marriage is between a man and a woman, would you feel intimidated and threatened by such an intrusive question?  If you are someone who would rather not tell your employer your sexual orientation, would you feel harassed?

It's hard to believe that Chase Bank expects its employees to answer this scandalous survey--but they do.

The petition continues gaining momentum!  If you haven't already, sign it now!

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