Crisis Magazine: How Chase Bank and other Corporations Coerce and Bully Christians


From Crisis Magazine:

How would you feel if your boss came into your office one day and asked if you are supportive of the “LGBT community”?

Maybe you are sympathetic to gays who face discrimination but you do not support the overall agenda. Maybe you are a faithful Catholic who accepts the teaching of the Church on homosexuality, that it is disordered and if acted upon, mortally sinful. Maybe you are simply bone weary of the LGBTs jamming their message into your face and the faces of your children all day long.

And there is the man who holds your job in his hands asking, just asking, if you support LGBTs. Do you feel threatened? Are you worried that if you say no, your name goes into a file and that some future decision will rest upon your answer? Are you worried that you may be compelled to take a new course in “diversity” education, otherwise known as re-education?


Note the oddness of putting LGBT questions alongside questions about disabilities. Apart from that, note the oddness of actually asking employees about their sexual orientation. Chase Bank actually feels comfortable asking such a question. Talk about your boss occupying your bedroom. Any self-respecting LGBT ought to respond, “none of your damn business.”


Can someone be fired for answering the JP Morgan Chase question incorrectly? Certainly, they can. There is very little protection for holding the wrong view on homosexuality unless, that is, your opposition is explicitly based on religious belief.

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