Exclusive: Chase LGBT Whistleblower Talks to Breitbart News


Via Breitbart News:

Search “Chase and LGBT” on the Internet, and you will see the controversial Chase employee survey on LGBT dominates the results. Moreover, the issue shows no signs of abating.

A Chase employee who reached out to Professor Robert George of Princeton through his Facebook page started all this. Professor George put the item up on the legal blog Mirror of Justice, then Breitbart wrote the story, and it has gone viral.


Many on the sexual left are questioning the authenticity of the survey. The whistleblower assured Breitbart News that it was real. He also provided a second employee who backed up the story.


The survey is completed strictly online and was opened for answers in February. The whistleblower underscored that each employee answering the survey had to include his employee number.

He said, “The survey was usually kind of irrelevant.” He said employees were not required to answer the survey but that there are strong and regular suggestions from management that each employee ought to. Something like 88% of employees filled it out this year.

What caused the controversy this year was this question: “Are you an ally of the LGBT community…?”


Why did the whistleblower come forward? “I wanted to get it out there because I was upset the way the company is going. I like Chase. This question really offended me. I have my religious views, and they hold great weight in my life.”

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