The Christian Institute: ‘Are you an LGBT ally?’- US bank under fire over survey


Via the Christian Institute:

One of the largest banks in the US has come under fire for reportedly asking all its employees in a survey if they are an “ally” to the LGBT community.

An unnamed employee at JP Morgan Chase raised serious concerns that his future at the company depended on his answer, and gave details of the survey to Professor Robert George of Princeton University.


Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), also criticised the survey.

Referring to Brendan Eich, who was forced out of his position as CEO at Mozilla over his support for traditional marriage, Brown said: “Now there is powerful new evidence that the tactics of intimidation have spread to one of the country’s largest financial institutions, JP Morgan Chase.”

He added that, “this new development at Chase of actively inquiring of every employee whether they support the LGBT community is an egregious invasion of privacy, one that has the potential to be used to punish and intimidate those who refuse to answer the question in the politically-approved way”.

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