The Daily Signal: Chase Bank Refuses to Confirm, Deny Employee LGBT Survey


From The Daily Signal:

JPMorgan Chase refused to confirm or deny that employees of the global banking giant were asked in a recent survey about their sexual orientation and whether they are “an ally of the LGBT community.”

At least two Chase bank employees have said they were asked such questions, and one said employees’ identification numbers appeared on the returned surveys.

JPMorgan Chase spokeswoman Jaclyn D’Aversa told The Daily Signal on Monday evening that the survey was “completely voluntary and anonymous.”  She refused to talk about the content or how many employees received the survey.


At JP Morgan Chase’s request, The Daily Signal today submitted a list of 10 questions about the survey, including why employees were asked about their sexual orientation and whether it was the first time the bank has inquired about its employees’ ties to the “LGBT community.”

The spokeswoman did not reply to the specific questions.

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