Where Could It End?

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

It is an unfortunate yet very real fact that a small cadre of radical activists is enjoying increasing success in the corporate world imposing their agenda through bullying and intimidation. Tragically, their strategy of confrontation and intimidation has real impact on ordinary, good citizens all across the country.

One of NOM's core missions is to stop this kind of discrimination and bigotry and defend these people's rights. Won't you please join us in upholding our mission — to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it — by making a generous donation today of $35, $50, $100 or even $500 or more if you are able?

People who believe in marriage aren't looking for a fight — they are everyday people just like you and me who go about their lives working hard, raising their children, and trying to be the best people they can be according to the dictates of their personal, family and religious beliefs. They accept the truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman because such an understanding was written on the human heart by our Creator, because it conforms to nature and commonsense, and because it has been proven through centuries of practice. There is nothing hateful or bigoted about accepting and supporting the truth of marriage.

Yet we see an increasingly vengeful and militant group of radicals out to redefine marriage seek them out, bully them, and try turn their lives upside down. The list of victims seems grows every day — bakers, photographers, inn keepers, printers, music directors, restaurant managers — all targeted for harassment and abuse simply because they've done something to show their support for marriage. Some were sued, others fined, still others forced out of their jobs. Brendan Eich, the CEO of Mozilla (maker of the Firefox web browser), is only the best known victim of the gay marriage radicals who were able to force him out of the company he co-founded because he gave a mere $1,000 to support Proposition 8 six years ago.

This kind of discrimination and bigotry must be stopped and the rights of people like these needs to be defended. Won't you please join us in upholding our mission — to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it — by making a generous donation today of $35, $50, $100 or even $500 or more if you are able?

There is mounting evidence that the ginormous financial behemoth, JP Morgan Chase, may be the next Mozilla. Chase Bank has issued an extraordinarily invasive employee survey, which demanded that their workers openly declare whether or not they are an "ally" of the LGBT movement.

What is the purpose of such a question if not to "out" those who don't answer in the politically approved way? The bank is squarely putting its employees in the crosshairs of the most contentious political issue of our times. Many supporters of marriage have been made to feel that their workplace may become a hostile environment for them simply because they believe in marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

One employee put the matter in the clearest terms, asking: does standing up for marriage now mean that one "will be placed on the 'you can fire these people first' list?"

We cannot let that happen. But if we don't have the resources to push back against this offensive action by corporate giants, I'm afraid that we may lose ground that will be difficult to retake. We MUST fight back NOW!

The pattern is there: Starbucks... Mozilla... now Chase Bank. Who knows where it could end?

Corporations are peddling an incoherent argument that redefining marriage is necessary to recruit and retain the best and the brightest workers. They may have missed the memo that most of the top performing economic states in the country have passed state constitutional amendments defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Nor do they consider that their actions pushing this radical agenda often upset millions of potential customers.

As one friend recently asked me, 'when will these people wake up and realize that tens of millions of Christians — [and all people of faith, for that matter] — are a huge part of their market?'

You and I need to send this wakeup call and let the corporate elites who are sidling up to the same-sex marriage agenda know that the 'silent majority' in America who support and embrace the truth of marriage are not going to be intimidated or bullied into abandoning a core truth like marriage. Please click here to make a generous donation today to help us accomplish this crucial mission.

We all must stand together against intolerance and intimidation. And I pledge that NOM will continue to stand with you!


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

PS: Corporate elites are jumping on the bandwagon to redefine marriage. We must stand up to them so that millions of innocent citizens of faith from around the country aren't caught in the crossfire of this radical political movement. Please click here right away to make a generous donation to NOM so we can stand up in defense of marriage and the faith communities that defend it.

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