Is JP Morgan Chase the next Mozilla?

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We all watched in disbelief when Brendan Eich, CEO of Mozilla, was forced to resign his position because six years earlier he had contributed $1,000 to support California's Proposition 8 campaign preserving marriage in that state as the union of one man and one woman. Eich was run out of the company by a band of angry gay marriage activists and their allies who mounted a public protest inside and outside the company. They branded him ‘unfit to serve' as the CEO of the company he co-founded.

Many leading gay marriage supporters including Andrew Sullivan appropriately decried these totalitarian tactics at Mozilla, but the leading gay marriage groups such as the Human Rights Campaign have been silent. Now there is powerful new evidence that the tactics of intimidation have spread to one of the country's largest financial institutions, JP Morgan Chase.

Two new reports have surfaced that this ginormous institution has added highly-inappropriate questions about employee support for the LGBT community to its annual employee survey designed to help assess its management team. Employees are being asked in the survey if they are, "a member of the LGBT community." Separately, they are also asked if they are "an ally of the LGBT community, but not personally identifying as LGBT."

This issue was first reported in a post at Mirror of Justice by NOM Co-founder Professor Robert George, Chairman of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, after being contacted by a JP Morgan Chase employee. Now it has been reported by Breitbart News that a second employee has come forward to confirm the survey questions.

The obvious question anyone would ask when confronted with such a survey inquiry is what will happen to them if they fail to list themselves as an ally of the LGBT community? This survey is not an anonymous questionnaire – responses are coded by employee ID number and can be traced directly back to the individual respondent.

Indeed, an employee said:

With the way things are going and the fact that LGBT rights are being viewed as pretty much tantamount to the civil rights movement of the mid 50s to late 60s, not selecting that option is essentially saying "I'm not an ally of civil rights;" which is a vague way to say "I'm a bigot." The worry among many of us is that those who didn't select that poorly placed, irrelevant option will be placed on the "you can fire these people first" list.

A spokesperson for JP Morgan Chase refused to respond to Breitbart's inquiry about the survey.

It has been troubling to see some of the country's largest employers like Starbucks and General Mills endorse redefining marriage, falsely claiming that they need "gay marriage" to be able to attract quality employees in a competitive economy. This has always been an incoherent argument since the best performing state economies in our country are in those states which define marriage as a husband and wife.

But this new development at Chase of actively inquiring of every employee whether they support the LGBT community is an egregious invasion of privacy, one that has the potential to be used to punish and intimidate those who refuse to answer the question in the politically-approved way.

Will the responses be covered in employee performance interviews? Will they be a factor in promotions or employee raises? Or will they, as the employee who raised the issue fears, be a marker to fire these people when the opportunity arises?

The mega-bank refuses to answer questions about the survey, including how they intend to use the responses.

If you are a customer of the bank, perhaps you might inquire if this survey is a precursor of an attempt to purge the bank of any employee who doesn't embrace the LGBT agenda. Perhaps you might also consider whether a bank that attempts to categorize employees based on support for LGBT issues is welcoming to customers who hold traditional values and subscribe to biblical principles.

Click here to contact JP Morgan Chase today and express your concern about this intrusive and ominous survey, and demand an explanation for the corporate leadership and an apology to the employees who have been made to be threatened by it.

You can also call Chase by contacting their customer service line at 877-242-7372.

Thank you for taking action on this important item today!


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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