IRS is Lawless, Partisan


It's effective and wise for marriage supporters to boldly and vocally defend marriage in their communities. In light of our recent, hard-fought victory against the IRS, Don Williamson in Arlington, WA wrote a blistering op-ed asking why Eric Holder is refusing to act in light of this scandal.

IRSIt seems that activists for same sex marriage illegally obtained [NOM's] confidential tax return and a donor list from the IRS because they are opposed to gay marriage. They published the records containing the groups donors names and addresses online so that they and others could target them. My question is why has Eric Holder refused to investigate and prosecute this?

This is yet another example of the lawless and hyper-partisan behavior going on at the IRS. This in addition to the Lois Lerner scandal that involves the use of the IRS to help Obama get re-elected by targeting tea party and other conservative organizations for political purposes. All unprecedented in the annals of the IRS to my knowledge.

...these people have been given a free reign by the Obama administration to do as they wish and the intellectually dishonest media refuses to report it. We need a special prosecutor or two to investigate the IRS.

Thank you, Don, for your defense of the truth!  It is outrageous that the IRS released our confidential tax return and that Eric Holder and the Department of Justice refuse to investigate.  It is very inspiring that fellow Americans are standing with NOM and demanding that the Department of Justice get to the bottom of this.

The IRS leaking our confidential tax returns never should have happened in the first place--but it did.  We need to demand answers now so that we can learn the whole truth about Matthew Meisel and the "conduit" inside the IRS and so that we can ensure this kind of horrific abuse never happens again.

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