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Dear Marriage Supporter,

We've all been there: turning on the TV and flipping through the channels before declaring in exasperation, "There's nothing on!" Of course, there's plenty "on" but nothing worthwhile seeing.

This weekend, then, instead of turning on the TV to search in frustration for the ever-dwindling selection of decent programming, why not check out some of these great videos that NOM is featuring this week online?

Highlights from the NOM Gala

At the first ever NOM Gala last Thursday, NOM's first Chairman and co-founder, Professor Robby George, presented two awards, first to our great ally and friend Ryan T. Anderson, and second to our wonderful keynote speaker, Dr. Ben Carson.

Take some time to watch these presentations, and the remarks given by the recipients—I promise you won't be disappointed!

Highlights from the March for Marriage

If you were unable to come to the March for Marriage last Thursday, or unable to tune in to the livestream, you can now view the entire event online!

We have set up a playlist of all of the speakers' remarks here.

You can also view a video of the entire rally here. If you don't have time now, thought, check out this highlight video from the March and bookmark our YouTube channel so you can return to it later and catch up on all the great speeches!

Finally, the Media Research Center put together some nice pieces about the March for Marriage "without the media filter." Check those out today, too, if you have a chance!

NOM in the News

Finally, NOM has been in the news this week, and we have some great video to share with you from our various media appearances.

If you didn't catch me on Fox & Friends this morning, you definitely want to watch a replay of that here, as I discussed this week's major news of the settlement in NOM's case against the IRS:

Also, NOM's Director of Development, Diego von Stauffenberg, joined Brian Patrick on EWTN News Nightly last night to discuss the IRS case and some other recent developments in marriage news:

And it wasn't just us talking about the IRS case. Our good friend Erick Erickson, of, joined Bill O'Reilly last night and laid out the whole matter in a really great and comprehensive way. Check it out!

So, this weekend, when the programming schedule fails you, know that we at NOM have your back. Put the clicker down and queue up some good and encouraging pro-marriage news.

Happy viewing!


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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