Only One Day Left

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

THIS IS IT — only one day to go before the 2014 March for Marriage. I have been thrilled by the response from so many of you over the past several months and look forward to marching with thousands of marriage supporters like yourself from all across the country, rallying in Washington to protect this sacred and critical institution.

Our message is simple, clear, and positive: marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and it should be protected because children deserve both a mother and a father.

If you're planning on joining us tomorrow on the Capitol grounds, remember the rally starts at 11:00 AM and will be followed by the March to the Supreme Court at 1:00 PM. It will be hot tomorrow so please plan accordingly and bring lots of water with you.

If you can't join us in person, though, you can still be involved in several ways:

  • Have your own rally tomorrow — in your state capital, hometown, or even your living room. Gather five or fifty friends to stand and pray for marriage with us.

  • Watch the live stream of the rally on the World Wide Web at All of our speakers will be featured so you can see and hear from them as they encourage us to stand strong and courageous in the marriage battle.

  • Sign the marriage petition being hosted by our official media sponsor, The Washington Times. Click here to add your name to the nationwide list of Americans who support marriage as one man and one woman

  • Finally take pictures of your own rallies, prayer circles, or friends and family watching the live stream. Then send those pictures to [email protected]. We want to record the national support for marriage right along with the rally and March in Washington.

The fight to defend marriage in the legal, political, and cultural spheres is just beginning, and tomorrow's events in Washington or your own living room will be a crucial step in protecting marriage and every child's right to both a mother and a father.

Thank you again for all you do to protect and promote marriage. It will be an honor to stand with you — either physically or in spirit — in our nation's capital in defense of this treasured value.

With Thanksgiving,

Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

P.S. Don't forget, just because you can't be with us in the nation's capital does not mean that you cannot make your own stand for marriage tomorrow. Gather friends and family together for your own prayer rally, then watch the live stream of national rally at 11:00 AM EDT here. Finally, send us your pictures to [email protected] so we can show the world that across America we stand for marriage.

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