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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Last Friday, Theresa Gaffney, Clerk of the Orphans' Court of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, filed paperwork to intervene in the case that overturned Pennsylvania's Defense of Marriage Act. She is seeking a stay of Judge Jones' May 20th ruling and the right to appeal in the case.

Please take a moment right now to send her an encouraging note so she knows that she is not alone. Just click here to send your message.

In filing her motions for a stay and to intervene, Mrs. Gaffney, a county official, is showing great courage — courage that others failed to muster. She understands, like you do, that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and that children deserve both a mother and a father. Thank God she is taking a stand.

As you can imagine, Mrs. Gaffney has now been receiving vicious hate-filled messages from same-sex marriage supporters, mostly from well outside Schuylkill County and Pennsylvania. This is how gay-marriage advocates will seek to stop her (and all marriage champions across the country): bullying and intimidation.

Would you please keep Mrs. Gaffney in your prayers, that she may be blessed in her courage, strengthened and protected?

And would you also take time to let her know of your support and prayers by sending her an email today? Just click here to send an email today.

As all of us who fight these battles know, there's nothing quite like a personal note of thanks and encouragement when times get tough.

Thank you.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

P.S. Please take the time to email Mrs. Gaffney with a message thanking her for her courage in standing up for marriage. She needs to know that her actions are greatly appreciated by people across Pennsylvania, and that her courage is not in vain.

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