Human Rights Campaign: "Fear is a Healthy Motivator"


So the so-called Human Rights Campaign finally admits that they support scaring people into agreeing, or pretending to agree, with them when it comes to marriage.  The group also admits that they "judge" attorneys who work to defend marriage, despite previously decrying anything they saw as "judgmental."  These not-so-shocking admissions come in a recent Reuters news article titled U.S. law firms flock to gay-marriage proponents, shun other side.

"The legal industry has reached its Mozilla moment," the Reuters article announced.  Many major law firms are rushing to support redefining marriage and leaving little room for lawyers who have a different opinion.

The article  examines how one-sided and biased many major law firms are when it comes to the marriage issue--particularly when their employees hold the belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Silence...attorneys at major law firms are getting the message that if they want to litigate against gay marriage they should do so elsewhere.


Andrew Pugno, a lawyer for the group that defended California's ban when it was challenged by same-sex couples, said he considered big firms when searching for someone to argue the case. In at least one situation, Pugno said, a lawyer at a big firm was interested but partners refused to let him take on the work. He declined to identify the person or firm.

“I personally know many good lawyers in large firms who ... are terrified of speaking out even within their own firms,” said Pugno, who has a small firm near Sacramento, Calif. He declined to name any.


During that period, the firm [Foley and Lardner] represented a group, National Organization for Marriage, that challenged the District of Columbia’s law allowing gay unions. The case failed, and the representation ended. In its next report, for 2013, the Human Rights Campaign raised the firm's rating to "100%." A Foley & Lardner spokeswoman declined to comment on the episode.

"Fear is a healthy motivator to do the right thing,” said Fred Sainz, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign. “I’m not suggesting that the other side shouldn’t have attorneys. I’m saying we’re going to judge those attorneys."

For all their talk about how marriage between one man and one woman, or even just supporting the idea, causes "fear," HRC seems pretty darn comfortable intimidating and bullying anyone who does not subscribe to their radical ideas.

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