Touching Father's Day Video Shows Dads are Irreplaceable


Just in time for Father's Day, Dove has released a touching new ad highlighting the vital role fathers play in their children's lives.  The ad affirms the dignity and value of every human being and shows how children benefit from growing up with fathers.

The tear-jerking video is a perfect reminder of the unique, distinctive way in which fathers shape their kids' lives.

Watch the video here.

Ryan T. Anderson at the Heritage Foundation has written extensively about the importance of fatherhood.  The reason the state has an interest in protecting marriage is because the state has an interest in protecting children, who are the future of our country and who do best when raised by a mom and a dad.

The state’s interest in marriage is not that it cares about my love life, or your love life, or anyone’s love life just for the sake of romance. The state’s interest in marriage is ensuring that those kids have fathers who are involved in their lives.

But when this doesn't happen, social costs run high. As the marriage culture collapses, child poverty rises. Crime rises. Social mobility decreases. And welfare spending—which bankrupts so many states and the federal government—takes off.

This video is a powerful acknowledgement that fathers matter.


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