Marriage Debate Far From Over


Kenneth D. Whitehead recently wrote in Crisis Magazine that the marriage debate is far from over.  A court-imposed redefinition of marriage will not settle the debate, he wrote, nor will government coercion of bakers, photographers, or florists who refuse to participate in same-sex "weddings."

GavelComparing the current marriage debate to the debate over abortion before Roe v. Wade, Whitehead argued:

The Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which was supposed to have “settled” the equally contentious abortion issue, instead succeeded only in bringing about some 40-plus years of continual agitation and strife, which still goes on today. The legalization of gay marriage is going to produce the same kind of result.

Whitehead blasted the Supreme Court's lack of logic in its Windsor decision last summer:

But Justice Kennedy...blandly declared instead that unnatural same-sex relationships which are necessarily sterile were nevertheless indeed marriages, offering no sort of reason or argument for this novel, indeed revolutionary, conclusion. Even while ignoring and leaving aside essential elements of marriage (sexual complementarity, ability to conceive new life), he nevertheless effectively did redefine marriage as far as the law is concerned.

And this is the redefinition that is henceforth likely to be enshrined in our law and practice generally—at least until enough Americans wake up to what is being perversely wrought here and find the courage to work to reverse it (as the former unwise constitutional amendment that once banned alcoholic beverages eventually got reversed).

The fight to protect marriage has only just begun.  On marriage, Whitehead urged readers, "don't count it out!"  There are certainly challenges when it comes to defending marriage, particularly challenges posed by cultural elites and activist judges, but that does not mean defenders of marriage have lost our will to fight.  We are in this to win and protect marriage because we know that children do best when raised by a married mother and father!

The second annual March for Marriage is the perfect time for us to rally with other marriage supporters and show that we are in this for the long run!

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