Bishop Morlino: Marriage is First "Domino" of Civilization


Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, Wisconsin, said he is "deeply saddened" by a federal judge's recent judicial activism against Wisconsin's marriage amendment.  Bishop Morlino promised to continue defending marriage and its vital role in society.

Bishop Morlino said, in part (emphasis added):

DominosMarriage is, and can only ever be, a unique relationship solely between one man and one woman, regardless of the decision of a judge or any vote. This is not based on any private sectarian viewpoint, but on the natural moral law that is universally binding on all peoples, at all times, and inscribed into our human nature, as man and woman from the beginning of creation. It behooves us to safeguard the sacred ecology of all nature, especially of our human nature.

In striking down the constitutional amendment in our state which protects marriage, the court has, once again, shaken one of the most precious and essential building blocks of our civilization. There can be no question that the best formation for children is in the home of their biological mother and father, generally speaking, and we should always have a greater concern for future generations than we do for ourselves.

Marriage, between one man and one women with openness to children, is an element of the very first “domino” of civilization. The very nature of marriage naturally generates life. When that first “domino” falls, everything that is good, true, and beautiful, which is rooted on the natural family, is seriously threatened. If the “domino” of true marriage falls, then fall all subsequent “dominos.” This is demonstrated, too often, in a culture that increasingly chooses death over life.

Bishop Morlino's full statement is here.  He encouraged priests, deacons, and faithful lay Catholics to "continue to speak strongly about the truth and beauty of marriage."

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