US Embassy to the Holy See Plugs Pride Month


The US Embassy to the Holy See (Vatican) has had two very curious posts on their facebook page recently, first promoting International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia and today celebrating President Obama's proclamation on June as LGBT Pride Month.

Regarding the offensive post about International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Thomas Peters summed it up nicely on Catholic Vote:

It’s nice to see where our tax dollars are going. One wonders if a rainbow flag was flying from our embassy in Rome today. Or if the embassy staff was distributing literature in St. Peter’s square today to promote awareness of homophobia and transphobia.

A post like this by our embassy prompts the question, is it the position of our embassy that the Holy See is guilty of homophobia when, say, it opposes the redefinition of marriage, or is the Holy See transphobic in their eyes when it refuses ordination to a woman who undergoes sex reassignment therapy?


And how is any of this promoting goodwill between our country and the Holy See?’s only on this issue that the Obama administration sees fit to lecture our allies and moralistically judge other countries, especially the Holy See.

embassyToday, the US Embassy to the Holy See released a similarly incendiary facebook post, this time about President Obama's recent proclamation on June as LGBT Pride Month.

The embassy also tweeted a quote from Obama's proclamation: "...let each of us speak for tolerance, justice, and dignity.”  (But not tolerance, justice, or dignity for those who agree marriage is between one man and one woman, of course.)

These insulting provocations are problematic on several levels.  First, as Thomas pointed out, it raises the question: is it our embassy's position that the Holy See's moral teachings render the Catholic Church guilty of homophobia and transphobia?

Second, these posts are as insulting as suggesting Muslims or orthodox Jews start eating pork.

Finally, the Catholic Church doesn't celebrate "Pride Month"; during June, Catholics celebrate the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the feast day of St. John the Baptist, martyr for the sanctity of marriage.  No amount of desperate social media posts can change this.

The embassy certainly has a lot of nerve.

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