We Need to Show Up

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

There's an old saying that goes, “Decisions are made by those who show up." Whether it was said by Harry Truman or Woody Allen (both have been credited with the quotation), or someone else entirely, the adage itself is certainly and undeniably true. A competition is won by those who take the field, not by those who sit on the sidelines.

Friends, we need to take the field for marriage—and fight to win.

That is what the March for Marriage on June 19th is all about. If we stayed home and watched history unfold without us, we would be leaving the matter in the hands of our opponents. The final outcome would then be not so much a question of the same-sex marriage activists having won, but of pro-family advocates having lost. We CANNOT let that happen.

On June 19th, the nation will be watching: the media, the politicians, the judges, and—watmost importantly—tens of millions of young Americans, whose generation is looking for guidance before taking their turn in leading our great nation.

All of these will be watching—and so, we need to show up. We need to show that marriage is defended, and will continue to be defended... vigorously and with passion, in this generation and the next.

The decision of whether marriage will stand a fighting chance in future years and for our children's and grandchildren's society really does boil down to this basic question:

Will we show up?

Will YOU show up?

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I know summer is a busy time. I know it is a great commitment to come to Washington, D.C. on a Thursday, to rally and march in the heat of a June day on behalf of the truth of marriage.

But doesn't marriage deserve that effort? Don't you want to be able to tell your children and grandchildren that, when the decisive moment was upon us, we showed up?

We want to say, years from now, that we didn't sit out the fight... we didn't watch from the sidelines. We want to say that when tyranny loomed (under the guise of "tolerance"), we didn't let our opponents run the field unopposed: WE TOOK TO THE STREETS AND MARCHED FOR TRUTH AND TRUE FREEDOM.

I beg you to make every effort to join me in our nation's capital on June 19th and stand with so many of your fellow citizens—of every age, race, and creed—in defense of marriage as God designed it and as it has served society so well since the beginning of civilization.

This is a decisive moment for our time, and on June 19th, we are going to show up—and march for marriage.


Brian S. Brown

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