Will You Stand?


Marriage Supporters, please share this brand new video trailer for the 2014 March for Marriage with your friends and family today! We are very excited to have this new and compelling piece to promote the March, and we need your help to push it out as widely as possible today.

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We’re in a historic battle, a fight for one of the great truths of civilization – that marriage as one man and one woman is an essential element of a thriving society based on strong families. It’s not only God’s design for humankind, it’s been proven throughout history to be the most beneficial relationship for men and women, for any children born of their union, and for society as a whole. How fortunate we are to be able to demonstrate our support for preserving marriage in the law!

Please forward this powerful new video out to all your friends, colleagues, neighbors and family members, and post it to all your social media accounts.


Brian S. Brown

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