Are Same-Sex Couples Just Like You?


It's common for marriage defenders to hear the argument that same-sex unions are no different than man-woman unions.  However, this flawed reasoning is more rhetoric than substance, ignoring the conjugal meaning essential to marriage.  Interestingly, left-leaning scholars own research has provided substantive evidence that there are significant differences between same-sex unions and unions between one man and one woman.

Glenn Stanton at Canon and Culture, a project of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Conference, wrote an article recently detailing research on the nature of same-sex relationships:

1. Same-sex male couples are dramatically more likely to be unfaithful than heterosexual couples.

2. Committed lesbian relationships are more likely to break up than both male-male and opposite-sex couples, by dramatic margins.

Those are two very important differences, unarguably judging the “we’re no different” dogma incorrect. What support is there for these stark differences?

... [A] recent and very provocative Atlantic cover story on what straights could learn from gay marriage couldn’t ignore it. Liza Mundy, the article’s author, doesn’t appear to have a conservative bone in her body, yet she is fair and straight-up honest with the research on the nature of committed same-sex relationships.

... Mundy explains that studies have found “higher dissolution rates among same-sex couples” in Scandinavia – one of the world’s most gay-friendly cultures — than married heterosexual couples. This study, published in Demography, found that even though same-sex couples enter their legal unions at older ages — a marker related to greater relational stability – male same-sex marriages break up at twice the rate of heterosexual marriages.  And the break-up rate for lesbians? A stunning 77% higher  than the same-sex male unions! When controlling for possible confounding factors, the “risk of divorce for female partnerships actually is more than twice than that for male unions.”  Mundy did not give her reader these important specifics from this study. Other studies show the same things.


Other studies – conducted by celebrated lesbian scholars – find notable instability in lesbian homes, even those with children. The current National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study (NLLFS) found “a significant difference” in family dissolution rates when comparing lesbian with mother/father headed families, 56% and 36% respectively. (p. 1201)

The full article is here.

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