Bishop Conley: "May We Bring the Principles of Our Faith to the Public Square"


Most Reverend James D. Conley, bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, wrote a beautiful piece on the importance of witnessing faith in the public square.

Photo Credit: Ted Kirk, The Journal-Star

Photo Credit: Ted Kirk, The Journal-Star

Without the influence of truth on public life, the rights of the unborn, the poor, and the marginalized can be discarded.  Without the participation of religious believers, the principles of justice and freedom are replaced with reckless pursuit of comfort and pleasure.  Without active protection of rights, religious liberty—and indeed, all liberty—stands perilously close to being lost entirely.

Our democracy can serve the common good. But only when believers, capable of discerning the common good, participate in public life.

This election year, we’ll consider candidates for state and national offices.  And, if we want our state and nation to serve the common good, we have a moral obligation to vote.  And when we do vote, we ought to consider the candidates and their position in light of the received teachings of our Church. In light of justice.  In light of truth.

Catholics helped to form our nation. And over the past two centuries, Catholics have bled and died to protect it. Their legacy is in our hands. To be faithful Catholics, we’re called to be faithful citizens.  May each of us work to build a just and free nation.  And may we bring the principles of our faith to the public square, and to the voting booth.

Read the rest of Bishop Conley's article at the Diocese of Lincoln's website.

Bishop Conley is a stalwart advocate for marriage.  His compelling words about bringing faith to the public square resound with many people of faith, not just Catholics.

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