GOP Elites Out of Touch with Rank and File


A recent poll pushes back strongly against a recent 'wave' of mainstream media stories about how the GOP is supposedly abandoning its historical support for marriage between one man and one woman and that same-sex marriage is inevitable.

GOPMaggie Haberman of Politico writes that the survey of 801 Republicans and republican-leaning independents showed:

82 percent agreeing with a statement that marriage should be between “one man and one woman.” It also found 75 percent disagreed that “politicians should support the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples."

These results should send the same clear message to GOP leadership that NOM has been saying for years: “Marriage is a winning issue” with the rank-and-file republican base. They also echo the support NOM found for marriage after the 2012 elections in its own polling where 60 percent of voters indicated their support for marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Finally, it needs to be noted that in the four states that marriage was on the ballot in 2012, traditional marriage out-polled the Romney campaign by better than ten percentage points.

According to Haberman, “[Gary] Bauer, the president of American Values [one of the groups that commissioned the poll], faulted a “misinformation campaign waged by media elites” and insisted that “public policy-makers are doing a great disservice to themselves and future generations by continuing to misread the convictions of the American people … this survey should remind political and cultural leaders that this debate is far from over. If anything, it is taking on a new sense of urgency for millions of men and women of faith.”

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