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Dear Marriage Supporter,

I've written to you before about how Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio is running as a "reformer" in his Republican primary race. DeMaio's idea of reform? Support for same-sex 'marriage,' abortion, gun control and marijuana.

Does that sound like the kind of reform that America needs? No, I don't think so either.

Not only is DeMaio advocating these radical positions on issues, he doing so as a so-called Republican candidate. And incredibly, his candidacy is being pushed by some GOP leaders in Washington and the lobbyists, PACs and corporate interests who profit handsomely from the Washington scene.

Why would Washington insiders and power brokers push a guy like Carl DeMaio who seems so out of touch with traditional Republican values? Because in DeMaio they see someone they can put on display on the cable TV shows as "evidence" of how "tolerant" and "diverse" the party has become. And in DeMaio they have someone who will be seen by the media as "proof" that the GOP no longer will accept social conservatives who support issues like life and marriage.

You see, Carl DeMaio is gay, and a homosexual activist. His first campaign television commercial featured him with his male partner at the San Diego Gay Pride parade.

It would be bad enough if all DeMaio was in Congress was a symbol, someone who put himself out as a role model to young people about what a "new" Republican looks like and believes.

But Carl DeMaio is going to be much more than a misguided role model for young people. He's going to be a determined activist who will rip traditional values from the Republican Party and push GOP leaders to completely and permanently abandon social issues.

DeMaio's latest campaign finance report shows that he's raised nearly $1.5 million, a lot of it from Washington insiders and gay activists. Among his key supporters is Ken Mehlman, who has donated thousands to his race.

Does the name Ken Mehlman ring a bell? He's George Bush's former campaign manager who also served as Bush's White House political director and the former Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Mehlman is gay and, like Carl DeMaio, wants to impose same-sex 'marriage' on the nation. Mehlman was instrumental in raising the funds that fueled the push to redefine marriage in New York, a huge coup for gay 'marriage' activists that generated international media attention and gave our opponents a great deal of momentum.

Mehlman has since been a key person in mobilizing the corporate community and Republican officials like Jon Huntsman and Meg Whitman to endorse gay 'marriage.' He even filed a brief with the US Supreme Court in the Proposition 8 case and told a reporter he hoped the Republican members of the Court would see that "conservatives" support gay 'marriage.' A majority of the Court — tragically including Chief Justice John Roberts (appointed to the bench by George Bush) — went on to issue a ruling that let stand a lower court ruling invalidating Proposition 8.

If Ken Mehlman is supporting Carl DeMaio, you can count on DeMaio becoming another tool in his arsenal to redefine marriage.

We can't let that happen. Fortunately, there's a true conservative running against Carl DeMaio who stands a chance of upsetting DeMaio in the upcoming primary election.

Kirk Jorgensen is a highly-decorated former Marine officer who served tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan where he led human intelligence, counterintelligence and force protection missions to thwart terrorism, espionage and sabotage against the United States and allied forces.

But Kirk Jorgensen is more than a military hero. He's a loving husband and a devoted father who will be a champion for all the issues we care about, especially preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Will you please join me in supporting Kirk Jorgensen in his race against Carl DeMaio and activists like Ken Mehlman who want to redefine marriage? You can click here to donate to the Jorgensen campaign through NOM partner,

I'm not going to kid you — Kirk Jorgensen is an underdog fighting the Washington machine that is backing Carl DeMaio. Still, Kirk has raised nearly $250,000 and if we all band together to support him we can make this a real race.

But he needs each of us — you and me — to make a sacrificial gift right away so that he has the funds needed to expose the DeMaio agenda that will destroy the Republican Party and unalterably damage America. Will you help us?

There's less than seven weeks left before the primary election when Jorgensen and DeMaio will face off. Please do everything you can today to help stop gay activists like Ken Mehlman and his buddies in corporate America and Washington special interest groups from electing candidates like Carl DeMaio who will work to redefine marriage and push the GOP away from supporting social issues. Time is short; please give today.


Brian S. Brown

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