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National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

In response to last week’s appeal, over 100 of you donated more than $10,000! Thank you so much to each and every one for your generosity. But we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of $100,000 by the end of the month.

If you haven't donated to support the 2014 March for Marriage, won't you please do so today by clicking here and making a generous, tax-deductible donation of $35, $50, $100, $500 or more?

Why are we going through the incredible effort to put this event together? For many reasons, but here are three of the primary ones:

  1. The Supreme Court failed last summer to make a decisive ruling about the definition of marriage, instead referring the question (as it always has been handled) back to the states. Nonetheless, Federal Courts are egregiously misapplying that ruling to overturn state marriage amendments all over the country. This may be the last chance we have to make a powerful statement before the Supreme Court again takes up the issue next year!

  2. People need to know that the fight isn't over...indeed it's just beginning! The myth that “same-sex marriage is inevitable” is used by radicals and elites who want to redefine marriage in an attempt to cow the American people into giving up this critical battle. Polling (correctly done and unbiased) shows at worst a 50-50 split across the country — and that's not factoring in just voters, who lean more heavily toward defending marriage. We cannot concede victory without a fight!

  3. No matter what happens in the future at the Supreme Court, marriage is a tremendous good for society and must be defended. The March for Marriage is a starting point for building a movement that will be around for a long time, to meet whatever challenges the future may bring to this most important institution.

Right now NOM has immediate cash needs to support our vitally important March for Marriage.

We've already invested a lot of time and money into the development of our new March for Marriage website ( and producing the myriad of materials on the site for the March's promotion.

Now, we are in the midst of negotiating contracts that require substantial down payments — for the many, many logistical details entailed in organizing an event for thousands upon thousands of people.

Won't you please support the 2014 March for Marriage with a generous, fully tax-deductible contribution to help us make this historic event a tremendous success?


Brian S. Brown

PS: Bills are coming due right now for the March for Marriage, and we need to raise $100,000 by the end of the month to pay them. We're going "all in" on this March because it's vitally important that we rally the American people in defense of marriage at a time when it's at a tipping point — one that we could tip in our favor as the Supreme Court and decision makers across the nation consider the future of marriage. Won't you help us out today by making a generous, tax-deductible donation?

All or part of your gift to the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please check with your tax advisor. No goods or services were received in exchange for this contribution.
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