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Dear Marriage Supporter,

You know all about how relentlessly the Obama administration has been pushing same-sex marriage — most egregiously through Eric Holder's Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Defense.

But the ridiculous double standards these actions are producing are really bothering me. I hope they're bothering you too. I hope that you'll make a donation right now to stand with NOM so we can put a stop to this!

What are some examples of what has my blood boiling?

You may have seen an article that has recently been circulating online about a story from 2012 in New Mexico, where Governor Susana Martinez was given the boot by her hair stylist. Why? As the stylist, Antonio Darden, proclaimed on a local news station, because of her support of marriage! In his own words:

Because of her stances and her views on this, I told her aides no. They called the next day, asking if I'd changed my mind about taking the governor in and I said no.

So here's the real question: where was the outrage over this!?

When a professional photographer declined to photograph a same-sex ceremony that violated her religious beliefs, she was accused of discrimination and punished by the government. Yet apparently discriminating against a supporter of true marriage — the Governor of the State, no less — is perfectly fine.

I wonder if Gary King, the state Attorney General, ever considered doing what his counterpart in Washington State is currently doing: prosecuting a floral shop that declined to be involved in a same-sex wedding? Or is discrimination simply a one-way street that doesn't apply to supporters of marriage?

What did the New Mexico Human Rights Commission do? Did they investigate the denial of service as they did with Elaine Photography when those marriage supporters didn't want to photograph a same-sex ceremony?

Did they move to protect the rights of individuals from discrimination and harassment for simply believing that marriage is the union of one man and one woman?

Of course they didn’t! It's an embarrassing double standard. And it's only going to get worse unless ordinary citizens like you and me stand up to them!

Click here right away to make an urgent donation to NOM so we can reach hundreds of thousands of Americans all across the country!

We must equip and mobilize ordinary Americans to take action and send an unequivocal message: we won't stand for this discrimination against our values and beliefs! We won't let you get away with these ridiculous double standards!

Because it's only going to get more brazen if we remain silent.

For Example, in Indiana...

This past Sunday, in Indiana, the Associated Press reported that the individual who offered "unlimited campaign funding" to the Speaker of the Indiana House if he would make the marriage amendment "go away" was former state GOP Chair Jim Kittle. Speaker Brian Bosma had previously told the media about the offer, but refrained from identifying the individual involved. No wonder. Promising money in exchange for official legislative action is a serious felony.

We don't know whether a felony had been committed in an attempt to derail the Indiana marriage amendment. What we do know is that serious, credible allegations have been raised, and an independent investigation is in order. That is exactly what we have asked state Attorney General Greg Zoeller to launch.

The situation in Indiana is only the latest example where the rule of law is seemingly sacrificed on the altar of political correctness in the endless quest to push the same-sex 'marriage' agenda. Federal and state officials ignore existing law (including state constitutional amendments) and redefine marriage to suit their own views. Officials are encouraged to openly violate marriage laws. Constitutions and statutes defining marriage are left defenseless in court. Administrative actions are taken without authorization and in defiance of US Supreme Court rulings. In short, every branch of government is being twisted by powerful special interests hell-bent on imposing same-sex 'marriage' on the country. They aren't being checked by the law, the media or even basic moral principles of fairness and justice.

Therefore, they must be checked by us!

Please click here to help NOM fight back against blatant double standards and the wave of intolerance and bigotry aimed at people of faith who simply believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman because children deserve a mom and a dad.


Brian S. Brown

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