PSA for NOM Facebook Followers: Don't Feed the Trolls!


At NOM's Facebook page, we have a great community of committed fans and followers. They are dependable for liking and sharing posts, and for engaging in civil and thoughtful conversation.

trollinUnfortunately, however, we do have our fair share of trolls. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of internet trolling, this is a fun take you can read.

Now, not all trolling is bad: in fact, sometimes trolling is the most effective way to break into conversations that need shaking up and the admittance of alternative views. However, NOM's Facebook always reflects a variety of views in the comment threads and most of these are left to stay by our page administrators. The problem with our trolls isn't just the fact that they're trolls - it's that they're pretty bad at trolling, frankly.

Our Facebook fans might get frustrated sometimes at how overrun the place seems by a particular couple of the more infamous trolls. What they can't see is that it's not the same profile, but each time a different one. Our administrators work hard to try to keep a healthy discourse going on at the page, but no matter how many times we ban these violators, they just keep coming back - and unfortunately, Facebook does very little to help us protect our community standards.

Here's some screenshots taken today of the very top of our list of banned users:

TROLLS1 - Copy

And another:


Aaaand another:


Safe to say, whoever these people are, they probably don't have jobs. Or much of a social life.

Nevertheless, they can be very rude and very annoying for our regular fans.

So, NOM would like to give everyone participating on our page the following advice: don't feed the trolls!

GATrollThere's debate about the origin of the word "troll" as it relates to people like this on the internet. Some suggest it connotes the mythological creature who lives under a bridge and sets traps for travelers, gobbling them up when they're ensnared. Others point to the fishing term and the idea of "trolling" a line with bait to catch a fish. In either case, it involves baiting and catching. So don't take the bait!

For one thing, if you engage with a troll on the page timeline, the likelihood is that at some point that troll will be banned, and the remaining artifact will be a series of comments that make you appear like a crazy person talking to yourself.

But a more serious reason is that taking the bait and debating these trolls is precisely what they want, and it is what keeps them coming back. So, don't give them what they want! Take our advice for dealing with trolls: hide them, block them, and wait for the admins to ban them - and don't let them lure you into their traps. As you can see from the screenshots above, they obviously have way too much time on their hands. On the other hand, you certainly have better things to do with your time. So let that be your weapon against these trolls: ignore them, and let them waste their own time without stealing any of yours.

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