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Dear Marriage Supporter,

A few weeks ago I asked if you would become one of NOM's Sustaining Partners by committing to be a monthly donor?

As of this morning, I haven't heard back from you. If you have responded, my apologies — our messages must have crossed in the mail. But if you haven't joined our Sustaining Partners program, please consider doing so right now. Why?

Because our Sustaining Partners form the backbone of our nationwide defense of marriage... which as you and I know both deserves and needs a vigorous and thorough defense — today more than ever.

By becoming a NOM Sustaining Partner, you will maximize the impact of your investment in the fight to defend marriage while helping us reduce our overhead.

Monthly donors provide NOM a higher level of financial stability and predictability. The stream of monthly revenue from these generous ongoing donors provides us with the ability to budget anticipated income, and to know exactly how and to what degree we can respond to new threats to marriage as they arise.

Also, automatic, recurring monthly donations save on cost. They provide savings on fees and other expenses associated with processing individual, one-time donations. And, as a Sustaining Partner, you would be placed on your own communications schedule — receiving special updates and only occasional emergency appeals from NOM. As costs are continuously rising (the cost of postage just went up — again — and now stands at $0.49 per stamp, and paper and printing costs continue to escalate), reducing our communication costs allows us to put more of your contribution into the battle to preserve marriage.

Rest assured, you'll still receive our print newsletter, Marriage & Liberty, as well as our various electronic communications and action alerts.

This program is the most efficient and effective way you can help to defend marriage. If I've learned anything in the past few months, it's that we cannot fight today's battles with yesterday's tactics and strategies. That's why, as part of my strategic evaluation of our organization following the Supreme Court's rulings this summer, I decided that we needed to broaden our reach and expand our institutional capabilities to maximize our effectiveness.

The Sustaining Partners program is a key part of that goal. Please join today!

The proclamations of federal judges across the country (in Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico...) and the disgraceful betrayal of duty by government officials to defend the law (in California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Oregon...) can be more than a bit discouraging. Judicial activism complicit with cowardice...

But let's not forget what happens when ordinary citizens like you and me DO fight back: Millions of Americans rallied to the defense of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson who stood for marriage and traditional Christian values. While the A&E Network suspended him, the "pro Phil" public outcry forced them to relent, and he's back on the show. Even the US Supreme Court has signaled that federal court rulings imposing gay marriage stand a strong likelihood of being overturned on appeal.

No matter the victories or setbacks that come our way, we need to ask ourselves: is marriage worth sacrificing for?

Obviously, as a generous supporter of NOM and our work, you believe in marriage. You believe in the importance of our work and in the fight to defend marriage. But I'm asking today for you to stretch... to sacrifice... to put NOM in your regular monthly budget and stand with us every step of the way.

Will you join NOM's Sustaining Partner program by signing up to be a regular, monthly contributor today?

I'll be honest with you — we're up against a powerful, well-funded, organized and militant cadre of radicals supported by liberal elites in politics, law, media and pop culture. And we will never be able to equal the astronomical amounts raised by the dozens of radical groups trying to redefine marriage.

But we don't need to — because our message is rooted in the eternal truth about marriage, human nature and creation itself.

We do need to have the resources necessary to get the truth out, however. The vast majority of Americans won't hear marriage-affirming messages in their schools, from the news media, or in popular culture.

The proponents of same-sex 'marriage' want to silence us — preventing us, through stigma and shame, from speaking out in public in defense of marriage; preventing us, through regulation and judicial fiat, from running our private businesses in keeping with our religious beliefs; preventing us, through "anti-bullying" campaigns in the schools, from communicating our values to our children.

We must stand up to the radical elites on the benches of our courts, in political office, and in Hollywood to let them know that they can't unilaterally impose their radical agenda on the American people!

Please be a part of the solution to the problems facing marriage and society by clicking here and signing up to be a Sustaining Partner today!

We need your support now more than ever... so even if you can't become a monthly donor, please consider contributing to the fight by making a generous one-time donation.

I cannot stress enough how important this time in our country is for the cause of marriage.

Thank you again for standing with us!


Brian S. Brown

P.S. Simply click here to sign up to be a member of NOM's Sustaining Partner program. NOM's Sustaining Partners are the financial backbone of our work to defend marriage and joining today will make a profound impact throughout this critical election year.

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