High School Biology Assignment Prompts Outrage


Do you remember your 9th or 10th grade biology class? Depending on your personality and subject-matter preferences, you either dreaded or exulted in filling-in-the-blank of various diagrams to determine the properties of heredity. You might remember charts like the following.


Then there is the famous "Punnett Square" for evaluating how these traits will be passed on from generation to generation, employed for things like blood type, resulting in charts like this:


These sorts of assignment seemed to do the trick for teaching high school biology.

One must wonder, then, just what exactly was the thinking behind a recent 9th grade biology homework assignment at a Detroit High School that has been making headlines:

The 9th grade biology worksheet sent home with students this week featured questions about a mother trying to determine the identity of her baby’s father.

Possible answers included: the cable guy, the mailman, the cab driver, the bartender and the guy at the club.

"The goal is that the students are understanding blood types and DNA and possibilities based on the makeup of the two parents," explained Romeo Schools Superintendent Nancy Campbell.

[SOURCE; emphasis added]

One wonders if that was the only goal, however. In an academic culture lending an increasingly heavy hand to the efforts to redefine marriage and family, it's at least worth a second look.

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