Marriage Alert: Senate Hearing Tomorrow


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Marriage and the right of Indiana citizens to have their say on its definition at the ballot box this November need you to step up strongly once again.

Please join NOM, CitizenLink, the Indiana Family Institute, the American Family Association of Indiana, and others at the State House TOMORROW Monday, February 10th as we make our voices heard and presence felt in support of marriage, the Indiana Marriage Amendment (HJR 3), and the people's right to vote.

The Senate must pass HJR 3 as it was originally written and passed in 2011 — this includes restoring the second sentence that the House deleted in January — or the people’s chance to vote this November could be in serious jeopardy.

We will meet outside the Senate Chamber windows on the 3rd floor at 1:00 PM.

You can meet Suzy Barnhart, NOM Representative there. She will be wearing a royal blue suit. The Senate will meet at 1:30pm and as soon as they are done the hearing will start. Seating will be limited so if you would like to be inside the chambers it is strongly suggested you arrive early. Otherwise you can join us in the hallways as we stand for marriage as God designed it and the sovereign right of the people of Indiana to vote on the issue.

The best parking is the Circle Center Mall garage. It is $2 for the first 3 hours. The garage is 1 ½ blocks from the Statehouse and the entrances are marked with a large circle with a purple 'P' in the middle. Take the elevator up to the Atrium from the garage, walk thru the Atrium, down two flights of escalators and through the tunnel underground to the Statehouse. Once you arrive, you will need to go outside through security. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor.

If you are not able to join us, I urge you to contact as many Senators as possible demanding that they support HJR 3 as it was originally passed in 2011. They must restore the 'second sentence' removed by the House in January and pass the Resolution back to the House in order for the people of Indiana to vote on the Marriage Amendment in November 2014. Below is a list of key Senators and their contact information, and here is a link to a 'call sheet' with talking points.

I hope to see you on Monday.

For our families and children,

Christopher C. Plante
Regional Director
National Organization for Marriage

Here are the key legislators we need you to contact today.

Please call as many as you can!

Click here to download our call sheet resource so you can keep track of your efforts.

Frank Mrvan 317-232-9400
Jim Arnold 317-232-9400
Richard Young 317-232-9400
Lindel Hume 317-232-9400
Ed Charbonneau 317-232-9494
Ryan Mishler 317-232-0930
Susan Glick 317-232-9493
Tom Wyss 317-232-9807
David Long 317-232-9416
Randy Head 317-232-9488
Travis Holdman 317-232-9807
Ron Alting 317-232-9517
Phil Boots 317-234-9054
Doug Eckerty 317-232-9466
Allen Paul 317-232-9541
Mike Crider 317-232-9493
Jim Merritt 317-232-9533
Pat Miller 317-232-9489
Brent Waltz 317-234-9425
Jean Leising 317-234-9054
Johnny Nugent 317-232-9541
Jim Smith 317-234-9426
Ron Grooms 317-234-9425
Vanetta Becker 317-232-9494

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