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Dear Marriage Supporter,

On Monday, February 10th, the Indiana Senate Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee will hear testimony on House Joint Resolution 3 (HJR3), the Indiana Marriage Amendment. It is expected that the full Senate will take up the measure later in the week.

Now is the time to contact as many State Senators as possible urging them to pass HRJ3 in its original form and to allow the people of Indiana to vote on the definition of marriage.

The situation in Indianapolis is very serious and very critical. The proposed marriage amendment, HJR3, has been placed in jeopardy by the House of Representative's decision to remove a critical sentence from the original resolution as initially passed in 2011. If the Senate does not restore the key "second sentence," and pass HJR3 as originally approved by the legislature in 2011, the people's right to vote on marriage is gravely at risk and may not happen until 2016 — if at all.

This would not be the case if certain members of the House of Representatives had not betrayed their constituents and gone back on promises to support the people's right to vote. One of these turncoats is Representative Kevin Mahan. To be sure his constituents know of his betrayal and hold him accountable, NOM and CitizenLink are co-sponsoring the following radio ad.

The Senate needs to hear from you on HJR3, the Indiana Marriage Amendment, today!

Now, the Senate has a chance to undo the damage done by the House:

  • The Senate must restore the removed 'second sentence' to HJR3 which the House stripped from the measure.

  • The Senate must then pass the original version of HJR3, which would move the amendment one crucial step closer to being on the ballot in November 2014.

That is why it is so critical for the Senate to hear from you today. Please click here to let your Senator know that the people of Indiana are watching, and that Hoosiers demand their right to vote on HJR3 this November. Tell your Senator to restore the original version of the bill and pass it so that it can go to a popular vote in November 2014!

But after you've contacted your Senator today, there's more we need you to do. I'm asking you to please call as many of the Senators listed below as possible and urge them to restore the original form of HJR3 and pass it back to the House.

You can download and print this call sheet to keep track of your efforts.

When calling these Senators' offices, you will probably be speaking to an aide. Be sure to tell them:

  1. The people of Indiana should be allowed to vote on HJR3 in 2014! Over 80% of those asked want to vote this November.

  2. The Senate should restore the original language of HJR3 and pass the same version of the resolution that the legislature passed in 2011.

  3. You'd like to know how the Senator will be voting.

We need to make as much of a stir in Indianapolis as possible in support of the original form of HJR3. The majority of Indianans want to vote on this measure, but their voice is being drowned out by the noisiness of a small, well-funded lobby with ties to Big Business and Hollywood.

So please make sure to call the Senators below — as many as possible, as soon as possible. But you should also click here when you have time and send a very quick email to your own Senator urging him or her support for the original form of HJR3 and for the right of Indiana's voters.

Finally, if you can be in Indianapolis on Monday, February 10th, please come to the State House to show your support for marriage and the people's right to vote. The Senate Rules Committee will be meeting in the Senate Chambers immediately upon adjournment of the Senate Session.

I ask that you please help spread the word. Marriage champions from across Indiana must make their voices heard and presence felt in the State Senate until the people of Indiana have the right to vote to protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Use these buttons either to share this email with your friends and family in Indiana or to help get the word out on Facebook and Twitter.

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Here are the key legislators we need you to contact today.

Please call as many as you can!

Click here to download our call sheet resource so you can keep track of your efforts.

Frank Mrvan317-232-9400
Jim Arnold317-232-9400
Richard Young317-232-9400
Lindel Hume317-232-9400
Ed Charbonneau317-232-9494
Ryan Mishler317-232-0930
Susan Glick317-232-9493
Tom Wyss317-232-9807
David Long317-232-9416
Randy Head317-232-9488
Travis Holdman317-232-9807
Ron Alting317-232-9517
Phil Boots317-234-9054
Doug Eckerty317-232-9466
Allen Paul317-232-9541
Mike Crider317-232-9493
Jim Merritt317-232-9533
Pat Miller317-232-9489
Brent Waltz317-234-9425
Jean Leising317-234-9054
Johnny Nugent317-232-9541
Jim Smith317-234-9426
Ron Grooms317-234-9425
Vanetta Becker317-232-9494

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