Stand for Marriage in Norfolk Tomorrow


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Our friends at The Family Foundation are holding a rally tomorrow, February 4th at 9:00 AM outside the Federal District Courthouse in Norfolk, VA to stand up for marriage and for the defense of the Constitution of Virginia! The court will be holding its hearing of a legal challenge to the marriage amendment passed in 2006 by an overwhelming majority of Virginians.

The Family Foundation and others gathered hope to express their support for the amendment and also their disapproval of Attorney General Mark Herring's decision not to defend the Constitution in this critical court case.

You can RSVP here on Facebook if you are able to attend the rally. The Family Foundation is also giving the opportunity for people to participate who cannot make it to the rally in person, by adding their voice.

Whether or not you can attend personally, please help spread the word! Share the details about the rally with your friends and family in Virginia using the social sharing buttons below.


Brian S. Brown

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