Did Freedom To Marry Mean to Say This?


In any case, we think they said what they mean.

We're talking about a tweet from the truth-bending same-sex 'marriage' activist group touting a new (bogus*) poll that claims new majorities favoring redefining marriage. [*They only released the result of a single question, so we have no idea what information came before or after that might have conditioned respondents; we also know nothing of the nature of the sample.]

But the bit that got us was that phrase, "even in non-marriage states."


In what states? So much for same-sex 'marriage' being merely about 'equality' and not about fundamentally redefining the very essence of marriage: now states that uphold the institution of marriage as it has been known and affirmed since the beginning of civilization - as the union of one man and one woman - are "non-marriage states."

According to Freedom to Marry, the only true marriage, we guess,  is the very recent and unprecedented figment of marriage as a genderless civil contract between two persons (that is, for now), and distinguished by... well, who-knows-what other criteria?

Needless to say, we put no confidence in the new poll they're touting, but we can imagine what would be the results of a poll asking the questions implied by this tweet:

"Do you agree that your state, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, can be called a 'non-marriage' state?"

"Do you agree that we've 'moved forward' if only those states that have redefined marriage into a genderless institution can be called 'marriage' states?"

Well, do you?

And, while we're asking questions, here's a couple for Freedom to Marry:

If they are really so confident that they have such support (claiming 59% support in central states like Ohio and Indiana) then why don’t they agree to bring it on and let the people vote in places like Indiana, which seeks to put a marriage amendment on the ballot for 2014?

And if they really believe they have support, then why are they telling local activists who want a public vote this November to repeal the Ohio amendment that they are not sure the time is right in 2014?

Our view is this – bring it on! We know that the American people support marriage as the union of one man and one woman and we look forward to advancing the cause of marriage in Indiana and defending it in Ohio should activists there qualify their repeal effort.

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