Who's Making a Bad Analogy?


This morning, we posted about the President's choice of honored guests to sit in the First Lady's box at the State of the Union address.

Some of our opponents have provide feedback that our post created a bad analogy. But it is the President himself who is making the bad analogy.

The tradition of honoring special guests to the State of the Union with a seat in the FLOTUS box goes back to the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. CNN reports:

In 1982, Lenny Skutnik, a government employee, became the first person to be invited to the presidential box as a guest of the President and the first lady at the State of the Union address.

Skutnik was picked by President Ronald Reagan just days after he dove into the icy Potomac River to rescue a passenger from a deadly airline crash in January 1982.

Reagan used Skutnik's heroism to make a point about the American spirit.

Since then, CNN explains, "each guest is selected to illustrate a point a President hopes to make during the annual speech to Congress. [...] Imagery of wounded soldiers, brave children, or everyday Americans who have achieved, endured or, like Skutnik, acted selflessly is used to strengthen the narrative."

This year's guests will feature "survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing and the devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma."

But CNN itself, in its coverage leading up to the State of the Union earlier tonight, was talking about the headliner of the crowd of special guests: Jason Collins, whose "coming out" last year as a gay man in the NBA is heralded as an act of heroism. This lone act has earned him a spot of honor next to where past heroes have sat, and where even this year other exemplars of the American Spirit will be featured.

So we simply draw a comparison - diving into a frozen river to save lives compared to coming out as gay in today’s gay affirming culture: One is heroic; the other represents the bad analogy.

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