The Soul of the Republican Party


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

You probably don't follow the inner workings of politics in detail. But there is a critical internal struggle underway in Washington and across the country for the soul of the Republican Party.

This political struggle will have an impact on whether we can preserve marriage in America, and what kind of leaders we send to Washington and state capitols to fight for marriage and other issues we care about.

On the positive side, this is the first year that the national Republican National Committee Chairman has ever marched in the March for Life in Washington. That is such a powerful march, bringing together hundreds of thousands of activists from across the country to make a statement in support of one of the cornerstone issues of the Republican party. Before Reince Prebius joined us this year, no GOP Chairman has officially lent the party's support to the seminal national demonstration in support of life. Instead, they did what the mainstream media does — ignored the uprising from the grassroots. So Chairman Prebius deserves our thanks for supporting the grassroots in support of life.

But there are two sides to this struggle for the soul of the Republican party, and I am concerned about what many Republican officials are doing to urge the party distance itself from issues like marriage and life. Some in the leadership of the GOP are even actively supporting candidates who will go to Washington to fight against everything that we hold dear.

Candidates like Carl DeMaio in the 52nd Congressional District in California.

Who is Carl DeMaio? you might ask. DeMaio is a liberal who happens to have an "R" after his name. What does he believe in? Abortion on demand. Gun control. Redefining marriage. Medical marijuana. Force the Republican Party to abandon social issues and focus national policies on what big corporations want.

DeMaio isn't the first RINO to run for the US House of Representatives, but it sure is disappointing to see so many establishment Republican leaders in Washington line up to help him. They are so desperate to be seen as "tolerant" and "inclusive" in supporting a homosexual candidate like DeMaio that they are willing to abandon any semblance of principle.

But think about the message they are sending: If a guy like Carl DeMaio can win as a Republican, then what the heck does being a Republican mean?

It is particularly disappointing to see GOP leaders support a candidate like Carl DeMaio because there is such a better alternative — true conservative Kirk Jorgensen.

Please help Kirk Jorgensen fight the RINO machine in Washington. He needs us to step up today.

Kirk is a former Marine who has served honorably and with distinction — risking his life in service to our nation. As a Marine officer, Jorgensen was recognized with numerous awards and honors for his service. He led human intelligence, counterintelligence and force protection missions to thwart terrorism, espionage and sabotage against the United States and allied forces around the world. He also graduated from elite Central Intelligence Agency training with the highest accreditation and was deployed to the Balkans where he facilitated the search and apprehension of persons indicted for war crimes and genocide. Later, he served numerous missions in Iraq. Returning home after 10 years of active duty service with six deployments, Jorgensen joined the private sector as a technology and management consultant, but in 2008, he was recalled to active duty to serve as a Navy/Coast Guard Intelligence and Operations Officer in the Persian Gulf.

But Kirk Jorgensen is more than a military hero. He's a loving husband and a devoted father. And he is a proud, true conservative. He will be a champion for marriage and all the other issues we care about. From economic security, to repealing Obamacare, to reducing the national debt and ending deficit spending, to protecting our constitutional right to bear arms and to protecting the unborn, Kirk Jorgensen is advancing ideas that can move America onto a path toward security, prosperity and respect for the values of hard-working American families.

I'm asking you to take action today to support Kirk Jorgensen — not only because he is deserving of support in his own right, but to send a message to GOP "leaders" in Washington that we in the grassroots are not going to sit by and watch them redefine the soul of the Republican party by advancing candidates like Carl DeMaio who want to redefine marriage, enact gun control, promote abortion and promote marijuana use. Please make a generous contribution to help Kirk win election and become a proud, trusted conservative leader in Washington.

The choice in California's 52nd Congressional District is much greater than RINO DeMaio vs. conservative Jorgensen. It's a proxy for the future of the Republican Party itself, and the struggle for conservatism in our nation's capital.

I have to be honest with you — if Carl DeMaio is elected, we will risk losing the party of conservative ideas. There will be a slew of liberal Republicans on future ballots who will be advanced by Washington insiders who don't much care about what elected officials believe. They care about gaining and maintaining power. In the process, we will lose a powerful institution that has stood for the truth of marriage and life — the Republican Party.

We simply cannot sit this race out. Let's elect a true conservative — Kirk Jorgensen — and send a message to GOP insiders in Washington that we will not tolerate liberal RINOs like Carl DeMaio who seek to advance themselves by tearing down our most important social institutions like marriage.

Please act today and give your most generous contribution to Kirk Jorgensen, a proven pro-marriage leader and a true American hero. Thank you!


Brian S. Brown

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