Tell the Legislature to Pass HJR3 - Without Amendment


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The Indiana House is meeting today to discuss the proposed marriage amendment, HJR3, at 1:30 PM.

I need you to contact the legislature right away and urge them to pass this critical piece of legislation without amendment, and give Indiana voters the opportunity to decide this issue in November.

In order for Indiana's citizens to be guaranteed the chance to vote on this measure in November 2014, the legislature needs to pass HJR3 without substantial changes. Amending the resolution could possibly be interpreted to require another legislative approval next year and thus delay voters' chance to have a say on this matter until 2016! So please, tell the legislature to let the people vote in 2014 by passing HJR3 without amendment.

By the way, the language that they are trying to change (in order to appease the gay marriage lobby) would strip a crucial second sentence from the bill that seeks to prevent marriage from being arbitrarily redefined in Indiana by some activist judge in the future. This is an unacceptable change in any event.

So click here right away to tell the legislature that they should pass HJR3 as it is, and give Hoosiers their already too long delayed chance to vote on this matter once and for all!

And please share this important action alert on Facebook and Twitter, and forward it via email to your friends so that the legislature hears this message loud and clear.


Brian S. Brown

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