Issa: "There is little reason for the American people to have confidence in this investigation."


Reps. Issa and JordanResponding to the news this week that the FBI does not plan to file any criminal charges against officials in the IRS who seem to have targeted and harassed conservative groups, Representative Darrel Issa, Chairman of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, along with Committee member Representative Jim Jordan, responded with some strong words for the Department of Justice.

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder reported in The Daily Caller, Issa and Jordan questioned the legitimacy of the investigation:

Anonymous — and apparently politically motivated — leaks from unnamed law enforcement officials further undermine the public assurances by the current and former FBI directors that this is a legitimate investigation. These leaks come after the Justice Department, citing the confidential nature of the investigation, refused to brief Congress on its progress...


These revelations further undermine the credibility of the Attorney General Holder and the Justice Department under his leadership. Given the circumstances, there is little reason for the American people to have confidence in this investigation.

NOM applauds Congressmen Issa and Jordan for their steadfast resolve in  holding the IRS and the DOJ accountable to the American people for these scandalous criminal misdeeds.

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