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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Another very important piece of legislation has been introduced in Congress and I am urging all NOM supporters to take action today to urge their Representatives to support this critical bill: the State Marriage Defense Act of 2014.

The bill, authored by Representative Randy Weber of Texas, aims to reaffirm and strengthen the right of states accorded them in the U.S. Constitution to define marriage and to have their determinations in this important matter respected by the federal government. It already enjoys over two dozen co-sponsors in the House of Representatives as it begins being debated in the House Judiciary Committee.

Click here to visit the NOM Legislative Action Center to learn more about this proposed law and to contact Congress today. After entering your zip code and/or street address, your federal district will be determined and you will be taken to the appropriate form letter depending on whether or not your Representative is already one of the bill's co-sponsors. Then you will be able either to thank your Representative for supporting the bill or urge him or her to back this crucial legislation.

I cannot emphasize enough how important federal legislation like this is becoming each day as we continue to see the fallout of the Supreme Court's decision last summer in the Windsor case that challenged a particular section of DOMA:

  • In Utah, a constitutional crisis is underway as the State works to defend its marriage amendment in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals after it had been ruled unconstitutional by a lower district court judge.

    The Supreme Court reinstated the amendment while litigation proceeds, and Utah determined that the same-sex 'marriages' that had taken place in the intervening period were null and void. But the Obama administration's Department of Justice is undermining the State's constitutional authority to make that determination and saying that the federal government will recognize those illegal 'marriages'!

  • In the same Circuit, in Oklahoma, yesterday a federal judge ruled that state's marriage amendment to be invalid as well — but at least this district justice had the sense to put the effect of his own ruling on hold while the inevitable appeal from the State proceeds.

    Nevertheless, the same flawed reasoning plays in this decision as in the judge's ruling in Utah: these judges are trying to determine the states' marriage laws on the basis of the federal Government's recognition of same-sex 'marriages' — whereas it's supposed to work the other way around!

  • And in many other of the 34 states which still protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman, legal challenges are underway, following the dual errors of thinking that marriage can be redefined in the first place from its fundamental form which is written into our very nature as human beings... and in the second place denying the Constitutional authority reserved by the States to make such determination for themselves — an authority explicitly upheld in the Windsor decision!

These and many other threats to marriage throughout the country stemming from federal interference are what make the State Marriage Defense Act such a crucial piece of legislation! Please click here right now to contact your Representative and express your support for this urgently-needed bill!

And after you've taken action today, please forward this email to your friends and family, and share it on Facebook and Twitter. Everyone in America who cares about the rule of law and the integrity of our Constitution needs to contact Congress right away and urge passage of this critical bill.

Thank you for your steadfast support.


Brian S. Brown

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