Indiana Marriage Protection Amendment: Testimony and Debate before House Judiciary Committee Happening Now


Make your voice heard! Tweet in support of #HJR3 today!

Right now, live from the Indiana Statehouse, testimony and debate on the proposed Marriage Protection Amendment (HJR3) is ongoing.

We're watching this one closely - and apparently, so are many others! On Twitter, #HJR3 has been trending all morning.

As one might have expected, the feed is full of those perpetuating the lies of same-sex marriage activists intent on foisting a redefinition of marriage on Hoosiers without their say. We're seeing all the old chestnuts pop up, like the canard that protecting marriage is a bad economic move.

So NOM is taking to Twitter to combat the misinformation campaign - and we're asking you to help!

Please logon to Twitter now and tweet in support of #HJR3! Re-tweet NOM's updates, or use one of the following suggestions to express your support for Hoosiers' right to vote on marriage!

Here's what else you can say:

  • Hoosiers should support #HJR3 because kids deserve both a mom AND a dad.
  • Watch live debate and testimony on #HJR3 here: #Indiana #marriage
  • #Indiana voters have the right to vote to #protectmarriage. YES on #HJR3
  • #HJR3 testimony is ongoing, and the #Indiana Statehouse is filled with #marriage defenders! YES on #HJR3
  • #Indiana residents: Urge legislators to vote YES on the #Marriage Protection Amendment & put this crucial bill before voters in 2014! #HJR3

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