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Dear Marriage Supporter,

I write today to announce an urgent call to action: Please join the National Organization for Marriage today in petitioning Congress to amend our nation's Constitution to define marriage once and for all as the union of one man and one woman.

Why are we issuing this call today?

Well, as I'm sure you're already aware, this week saw a monumental shift in momentum for the marriage debate in our country, with the Supreme Court making an extremely rare move to grant a stay against the enforcement of a decision by a federal judge in Utah overturning that state's marriage amendment.

The initial decision by Obama-appointed District Judge Robert Shelby was passed down just a few days before Christmas. Shelby ludicrously claimed that the U.S. Supreme Court's Windsor decision this past summer had set a clear and inevitable path toward a constitutional right to same-sex 'marriage' when in fact Windsor found specifically that states have the right to define marriage. To add insult to injury, Shelby refused to stay his flawed decision even though the State of Utah was certain to appeal, and a flurry of same-sex 'marriages' began taking place throughout Utah.

But now the Supreme Court has indicated that the State of Utah's case to uphold its marriage law, passed by decisive majorities of both the legislature and the citizenry, is meritorious and their order reinstates marriage in Utah. The state can now appeal Shelby's decision to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in an orderly fashion.

Legal scholars will debate the impact of the decision. Some gay marriage advocates are very troubled by the ruling, saying the Supreme Court has hit the "pause" button on the drive to redefine marriage. Others believe the Court hit a "stop" button. This much is clear to us: there is no inevitable path toward nationwide same-sex marriage; and the legal definition of marriage is still very much up for grabs.

Other activist judges nationwide, particularly in states where same-sex 'marriage' cases are pending, should take note and think twice before trying to impose their own skewed interpretations of the law on the people of those states. But the legal drama unfolding in Utah reminds us of the danger of relying upon our federal judiciary to protect the will of the people with respect to marriage. We need to act now, and act decisively, with the time we've been granted, to ensure true marriage is protected once and for all.

Therefore, the National Organization for Marriage is issuing our petition to Congress urging that marriage be codified and defined once and for all by an amendment to Constitution of the United States. This is the surest way to protect marriage from the attacks of activist judges and out-of-control politicians, and to prevent a radical redefinition of marriage from being foisted on the whole nation.

You can be assured that the radical same-sex 'marriage' movement will not let up in its resolve to shoehorn their disastrous agenda through the legislatures and the court system in 2014, and we cannot flag in our own efforts either. This is why continuing to stand with us is so vitally important and so greatly appreciated: the attacks on marriage are more intense than ever, and we need to meet them head-on.

But we are encouraged by the Supreme Court's putting the brakes on the lawlessness in Utah this week. By its unanimous decision to grant a stay, the Supreme Court shows that the Justices recognize when the rule of law is being flouted and when judicial activism has run amok — even those liberal Justices who voted for the flawed majority decision in Windsor!

The granting of this stay changes the momentum in a very real way and slows the stampede of rabid same-sex marriage bullies who are willing to trample over the rights of everyone else in order to get their way. There's no telling how many true constitutional rights these radicals would run roughshod over to gain their prize of a faux right to genderless 'marriage' and a regime under which Christians and others are relegated to second-class citizen status.

We must take advantage of this momentum shift and petition Congress today calling for decisive action for the protection of our fundamental liberties. Surely the Justices on the Supreme Court are not the only ones in Washington who have noted the absurd arrogance and brazen overreaching of the deceptively-named "marriage equality" movement.

I predicted in the days and weeks leading up to the new year that 2014 would be an even more critical and active year for the marriage debate than the last year had been, and already with the year only a few days old we are seeing this begin to unfold.

Thank you for standing with us in this struggle. I maintain hope that 2014 will be a year of victories for us following some disheartening setbacks last year, but that prize will not be simply handed over to us — we must fight to claim it. Will you recommit to helping us do that today?

Thanks again for all you do for marriage and for our great nation!


Brian S. Brown

P.S.: Don't forget to please take a moment and add your voice to our petition, letting Congress know that the time has come to protect marriage in American once and for all with an amendment to the Constitution.

P.P.S.: And once you've taken action today, please share this message via email, or on Facebook and Twitter so that we can rally even more supporters to our cause and continue to take advantage to the momentum gained in this first full week of the new year!

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