Utah Marriage Advocate Ends Hunger Strike While Think Progress Eats Their Words [UPDATED]


[Editor's note: This post originally referred to Trestin Meacham's protest as a "hunger strike," using terminology reported by several outlets, but has been revised to reflect the fact that he conceived it as an act of fasting. Updated 1/7/2013 @ 8:50 EST]

Just yesterday, the ultra-liberal ThinkProgress posted on Facebook regarding a Utah marriage advocate's pledge to fast until same-sex 'marriages' there were halted.

Demonstrating the mean-spiritedness and arrogance that have become hallmarks of the same-sex 'marriage' movement, ThinkProgress blithely commented in its Facebook post, "Someone's going to be very hungry."

TP snip

Well, not that hungry: just this morning, only a day later, it was announced that the Supreme Court, without dissent, granted a stay of the ruling in Utah and put a stop to the granting of illegitimate 'marriage' licenses.

We imagine this means the advocate's fast is over, and he is presently chowing down a small victory meal.

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