Challenge to West Virginia's Marriage Law Fought by State, County Officials


From the Huntington Herald-Dispatch:

West Virginia WeddingThe lawsuit, filed Oct. 1, was brought by three couples -- William Glavaris with fiancé Justin Murdock and Casie McGee with fiancée Sarah Adkins, all of Huntington, along with lesbian couple Nancy Michael and Jane Fenton of St. Albans. Each argue their 14th Amendment rights to due process and equal protection were violated when they were denied marriage licenses by county clerks in Kanawha and Cabell counties.

The clerks contend they simply carried out state law. Both clerks have pending motions to dismiss suggesting a judicial ruling would interfere with the legislative process. Likewise, Morrisey sought dismissal arguing the couples lack legal standing to challenge at least a portion of the law.

The state Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey, is also set to defend West Virginia's marriage law against this legal challenge.

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